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  1. Kari

    CP. Keeping batter fluid. Currently don't need to stick blend.

    I am a bit baffled. I can obtain a emulsion without stick blending. Just add the lye water to the oils and stir with a silicone spatula for a minute. As a matter of fact, if I stick blend, I obtain a trace with only a couple of seconds of blending. By the time I can stir in colorants and FO...
  2. Kari

    Cheapest oils for experimenting?

    I am looking to test a few designs I have in mind. This will be fragrance free, and I have a bunch of cheapo Amazon micas for colors. However I don't want to waste expensive oils for this. I was originally going to just use canola, however I've been scared away by some pictures I've seen. I...
  3. Kari

    What sticks to parchment paper?

    Haven't had any problems using masking tape, painters tape (it's the same as masking tape), or duct tape. I bet you silk/cloth tape, a kind of medical tape, would work too.
  4. Kari

    Lowes Riceland Rice Bran Oil

    I've used this exact oil in all my soap at 20%. No DOS problems here.
  5. Kari

    May Challenge (Mica Outline Swirl)

    Everyone's soaps turned out lovely! Great job all! I couldn't officially participate in the challenge, but the idea sounded fun so I did it anyway! Creation/process video here:
  6. Kari

    2 month lye water storage suggestions?

    Do you happen to work in an open space or a space that's well ventilated? The fumes aren't as bad.. and the water doesn't heat up as much as it does when making it fresh. I can completely see anyone working in a big space not even noticing the renewed reaction. However, it did get cloudy and...
  7. Kari

    There MUST be a better way to clean up after CP making ??

    I'm so glad the dishwasher+critic acid worked for you! Also happy to know the CA worked on regular dishes. I've been using Lemi Shine since it's what I bought for food dishes, but it's expensive for the container size. I've got a big ass bag of CA for making bath bombs - so now I can just use...
  8. Kari

    2 month lye water storage suggestions?

    The masterbatch was 1lb of lye and 1lb of water. (I measured in grams) My soap loaves are about 3lbs total, and I want to say that it's around 400g of water+lye? I might be misremembering that last one, I've got it all written down at home - and I'm at work atm. The paint stirring buckets are...
  9. Kari

    Cutter is almost ready!

    It looks amazing! I also have an all-wood cutter similar to this. Mine isn't stained, but I do find it's a bit difficult to clean. If you have the time, I would put a coat of polyurethane on the soap-touching surfaces.
  10. Kari

    2 month lye water storage suggestions?

    Hi! I recently masterbatched my lye into a 50/50 solution for the first time. Long story short, I don't think that's going to work for me. I wasn't aware that when you add the additional water before soaping, the chemical reaction takes place again and you get fumes and the water heats up. It's...
  11. Kari

    Finding the right mold

    They're pretty good starter molds! I bought one when I first got started. Pretty easy to use, and I see a lot of soapers on youtube (who seem to have been soaping for years) who still use them. Tip: the sides warp really easily, you can 'stick' them to the sides of the wooden box with petroleum...
  12. Kari

    May Challenge (Mica Outline Swirl)

    quick question, is this the number next to "messages"?
  13. Kari

    Finding the right mold

    Honestly? I just grabbed my mold, stuck it on my scale, tared out the weight of the mold, and poured water into it until it was full. Then I just fuss with my recipe in the calculators so it's at least that much, with a little left over for wiggle room in came some spills or I want a mounded top.
  14. Kari

    CP gel phase...why? ...why not?

    Not yet! I've only done it twice. I read here that Katie from Royalty Soaps said you've got about 48 hours to add your piping. I've also seen other youtubers make a loaf, cut it the next day, and then pipe decorations onto the individual bars. In the loaf I mention, I think it was 18 hours...
  15. Kari

    CP gel phase...why? ...why not?

    I gel unless I'm using a lot of titanium dioxide. I've done both in the same soap! I made a brightly colored loaf and wrapped it in a heating pad in a (turned off) oven. Left it overnight (the heating pad turns off after a few hours on it's own). Next morning I piped a white top and popped it...
  16. Kari

    Soap molds

    You know I just used silicone muffin liners in CP cupcake soaps I made this weekend.. and wasn't thrilled with how they came out. The sides ended up still being soft and sticky after a couple of days. Definitely, use sodium lactate if you end up going that route. I too wondered if it was...
  17. Kari

    M&P is obviously not my thing :(

    Hmm I think if you're going to be melting that much melt and pour, the microwave isn't the way to go. The only person I've seen work in that big of a batch is Ariane Arsenault ( and she has specialized equipment. Your crock pots (on low)...
  18. Kari

    What are your favorite FO's to use?

    I haven't tried Natures Garden, yet.. however Southern Scentsations is about a 30 minute drive from me, and the one I have tried the most. By and large no trouble with the scents I've tried, such as acceleration or ricing, however I did have several discolor. They provide no information (online...
  19. Kari

    CP Soap Curing time Speed up Possible??

    A lot of this seems to do with the types of oils used. Lard takes longer to trace, and olive oil is slow to trace - both are used as examples of soap that get distinctly better with age. That makes sense since this is all chemical reactions and if you change up the ingredients, your reaction...
  20. Kari

    CP Soap Curing time Speed up Possible??

    huh, I was under the impression that the saponification process happens fairly quickly, and that your cold process bars are 'safe' to use after a couple of days. (this is why hot process is considered faster, since you're using heat to speed up the saponification) Curing is intended to make the...