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  1. MGM

    Anyone have a good source of essentia oils?

    Just out of curiosity, how do you measure "quality"? I mean, YL and DoTerra will tell you that *no* EOs except their EOs are any good at all. I like NDA, as they're one of the few suppliers I can afford, but I have bought singles of perhaps a dozen other brands: I have *no idea* about the...
  2. MGM

    Maybe Considering Selling

    I think the big question isn't "Can I sell soap without having a business" but "Can I sell soap without [incurring the costs of] insurance?" My understanding that the answer to that is NO. Here in Canada, you must also register each and every product (including variations on colour and...
  3. MGM

    Do salt soaps retain FO better?

    @cmzaha I know you're across the continent from me, but I'm surprised that you can't smell it from here! :p
  4. MGM

    Do salt soaps retain FO better?

    Thanks everyone. I should've said that I've ONLY used these Beach FOs in salt soap, not in any other recipe, so it could just be the FO. Yes Sea Salt & Driftwood is one of them. Can smell that fella a mile away! And the Mermaid one, too. My newest batch uses Beach Daisies so I'll let you know...
  5. MGM


    Report from a patient's POV: On Monday, our province went into semi lockdown and cancelled surgeries and procedures again (as of September, we were "20 million procedures behind" in a province of 16 million people. Dunno how many behind we are now). I had a throat biopsy scheduled for 6:30 am...
  6. MGM

    Do salt soaps retain FO better?

    I stumbled upon some old (2 years?) salt soap the other day and remarked at how strong the fragrance still was (3 different varieties). That being said, the FOs I used for all my salt soaps were from the same collection (Crafter's Choice Beach Fragrance Oil Collection) so perhaps they're just...
  7. MGM

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Soapy thing? got myself frustrated, is what! A few days ago, I made my first batch of soap in a year and a half: beer soap (water replaced 100% with some leftover IPA) scented with Hefewizen fragrance. Uncoloured, in bar molds. They seem to be progressing nicely and the basement smelled like...
  8. MGM

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    It's pretty fun to read back and see what everyone's been up to. @TashaBird is that an entire factory set-up??? Wow!!
  9. MGM

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Soapy thing today was...thinking and planning .... I was going to clean the basement for 1 hour (where the soap kitchen is) in order to earn 1 hr of soaping. Well, there were too many games and puzzles and activities today, so didn't get the cleaning done, let alone the soaping. So 2nd best...
  10. MGM

    Fancy French Soap (from France!)

    Timmins? Kapuskasing? Wawa is too far....the Soo? I have some French soap I've been meaning to dig out and photograph for the board...maybe this will be my impetus!
  11. MGM

    Distilled water shortage??

    @Peachy Clean Soap right, but you're describing the process, not the product. In tests, how does a cup of distilled water look different from a cup of RO water? Neither would have minerals, chlorine, fluoride, etc. etc. Are they indistinguishable, except by the (resource-intensive) way of making...
  12. MGM

    Distilled water shortage??

    What is the difference between distilled and reverse osmosis water (I mean in the result, not the process. The process is quite different). If it's just minerals that are problematic, couldn't one use RO water? Also, @earlene , you suggested rice water or a bunch of other liquids as a...
  13. MGM

    Uncommon Saponified Oils

    This probably isn't the right board to post this thought on.... but soap isn't actually necessary to good hygiene <duck>. Or, if you do want to use a soap or a detergent bar, you don't have to use it on your whole body. I'm currently reading _Clean_ by James Hamblin, which is very interesting...
  14. MGM

    Post your happy

    Speaking of vaccinations...Public Service Announcement....have you had your tetanus booster? A friend of mine has been quite sick with tetanus the past 2 weeks so I'm on a mission to remind everyone. She cut her finger on a sharp can edge, and was either infected there or later when gardening...
  15. MGM

    Post your happy

    @amd which kind did you get? Only people my age I know who've gotten their first dose got Astra Zeneca and it's been rough for them all. Older generation all got Pfizer and Moderna. Who knows what will be the flavour of the month by the time it's my turn....
  16. MGM

    The Dangers of....Mica?!?!

    What, me subtle? I'm just this side of a troll....nah, I can't be mean. You know what my boss called me during my first performance review? "Sardonic" :-P
  17. MGM

    The Dangers of....Mica?!?!

    But wait...does that mean that something artificial is better (in multiple ways) than its natural counterpart? Well how can that be true??
  18. MGM

    Post your Gripe

    Our youngest had to wear one only for a few days last month, but considering he has all sorts of sensory processing issues, I figured he wouldn't last an hour. He did it though. We had to drive the monitor back to the doc's office -- a whole hour away! I mean, I used to commute almost an hour...
  19. MGM

    Lavender instead of Shea Question

    I have a number of similar "butters": lavender, coffee, orange, lemon, rosehip....probably a few others. They are good for use out of the container or as an ingredient in other body butters, but I wouldn't use them anywhere a chemical reaction happens. What annoys me is that my supplier, New...
  20. MGM

    Clever or Cheat?

    Oh I know that the USPS is, for the most part, self-funding, which is quite a feat. Imagine a country even larger than the US, with 10% of the population, which still guarantees service for everyone in every corner of it (some accessible only by float or ski planes), ideally at the same price...