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    50#'s of lye... isnt it beeaaautifuuuul ;)

    Great artwork......
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    Wonderful 1lb lemongrass batch fav color!!!! Excellent job!!!
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    Wheres the UPS man

    Just had too........
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    Been Silent For Sometime...

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    Water is better than vinegar for caustic lye exposures

    Bet that is a good story.
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    Sorry I haven't been around much!

    Hi Dagmar!!!! Really long time no see!!
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    help plz with h/p crockpot tutorial

    I have used this one with great success. I have also had the pleasure of using some of her soap and it is super yummy.
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    Why do Roaches like my soap!

    While in the Southern states, the best defense I found was the use of boric acid. The brand name was Roach-Pruf powder. I believe there are several boric acid formulations out on the market. Here is a link that helps explain the use of boric acid...
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    Show me your SAPONIFACTORY!

    And what an excellent job he did!!! Wow......I have massive soap room envy. Cathy.....I missed yours!! Wonderful!! Everyone's stuff is so neat and organized. I need to hire an organizer badly. Digit
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    The word association game

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    Honey Bees

    Beelady has some really wonderful info on her web site about honey bees. Stuff I never thought or knew about. She is a beekeeper in NJ. I have tasted some of their honey, and it is beyond wonderful, so much better than what I've bought in the store. I...
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    Remember me?

    Lane.......mmmmmm.........sounds familiar. Yeah, I know that name from somewhere in time. Hmmmm..........intil I figure it out..... Big Hugs, Digit
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    Something funny

    Thank you!! These are great!! Digit
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    Aawwweeeee....thank you Starduster!!! Too precious!!! You know kitty love is soooo sweet!!! Digit
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    Well effing eff eff eff. Back to the drawing board.

    They still look super fab to me! Digit
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    White-on-black swirl, and another soap

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Digit
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    My Soap Business - Can't do it.

    Any update Brian? Digit
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    Trying out some soap packaging...

    Beautiful presentation!!! Digit
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    What kind of mood are you in today?

    Gorgeous!!! Digit