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  1. lgranger

    Methyl Silicone -- Anyone used liquid shortening to make soap?

    I purchased some Chef's Quality liquid shortening from my local restaurant supply a little while back and was just going to play with it this weekend. I went to a website to verify that it was actually lard with nothing else added to it, which was silly really because if it were just lard it...
  2. lgranger

    Fragrances that sell?

    It sounds like you are not ready to sell your products. You should be comfortable with a tested recipe that differentiates your soap from what's on the market. Then test fragrances with your family and friends. It takes a while to get knowledgeable enough to confidently sell soap ( and you...
  3. lgranger

    Doggie Soap (cold processed)

    That's fair. Most everything on the web has conflicting opinions. That's why it's just best to do your own research and testing. But it takes time. Any info on pets is hard to pin down since they can't talk. Not trying to be smart alecy. It's just the nature of the beast.
  4. lgranger

    Doggie Soap (cold processed)

    Focus on making good soap first. The selling part should be months if not years down the road. Have people test it and give you opinions.
  5. lgranger

    First time making soap. Can this be saved?

    I recommend doing a soap without any additives for the first time and even subsequent times until you learn how to make a basic soap. Do Google for instructions on rebatching, but pine tar accelerates trace. A lot, sometimes.
  6. lgranger

    RB oil

    Wow -- gotta love those algorithms.....
  7. lgranger

    Old Timer Here

    Actually I have tested VERY old types of all kinds of oil and have had not issues with DOS or problems with the soap. It's all been fine. Thanks for the welcome!
  8. lgranger

    Old Timer Here

    My avatar is a pic of my soaps circa 2008 and I've been soaping since 2004. I found this forum (I think I've seen it before on occasion) checking to see walnut oil properties in soap. I honestly bought this walnut oil from Soapers Choice more than 10 years ago and never used a lot of it. I made...