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    Pricey soap!!!

    Now I'm wondering if it is just melt and pour with some fancy serum stuff added, and the rose one may have rose absolute - I hope at that price.
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    Pricey soap!!!

    I think I have found the ingredient list: LE DE PEAU SYNACTIF SOAP (SAVON) DETAILS PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Extra gentle soap effectively cleanses away impurities and even makeup to reveal skin with renewed clarity while conditioning skin to maximize ingredient penetration of the following skincare...
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    Lichen/mushroom colorants

    This soooo sounds like something I would experiment with. I have seen a Lichen EO listed somewhere, I think on Essential Depot. Other than toxicity concerns, and possible skin reaction concerns with either lichen (fungus and algae) or mushrooms, I do know that some dried mushrooms simply stink...
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    Christmas Culinary Traditions?

    Been putting this off, so I don't cry. I'll leave some out, and may amend later. Oyster stew and a fried fish dish. We were at the time too far inland for fresh fish once memories kicked in. Ham was important, Dad grew up going from town to town with his Dad, so ham was the DISH. Honey, brown...
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    Homemade inhaler

    Ooh, I really like the perfume bottles. Very nice. I made some last year with the plastic inhalers with only 2 drops Peppermint EO and 2 Drops Eucalyptus EO that still smell like the day I made them! Those plastic inhalers are for sale everywhere now. Amazon, ebay, etsy, I got mine from New...
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    What part of 2nd-day air don't you understand

    Soap Making Resourse is very good, one you get to basics = figure out that ten thousand oils or what have you, make no difference. The EO's come in with a bit of generosity, not the 3/4 filled, they are filled full. They are true. Everything is double, maybe triple packed. Take advantage...
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    Flavor Oils vs Fragrance Oils

    Here is thread on "safety of essential oils. Please do read it very carefully. Also, please do not use wintergreen essential oil in anything that could be ingested. I believe it is Lindy that has something important to say on that issue, if I have the name wrong someone please correct me, and...
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    Shaving brushes?

    Have to agree with Efficacious here. The market has recently "gone green" so to say, and has become a "man's market". Good for men. Do not cheap down. It will be known. Period. Men that want to "hand" shave spend money on excellent quality. (Men do tend to buy the best products for...
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    Essential Oils in Mouthwash

    That is my take. And, Dr. Tichenor's has been around a long time. Unfortunately I look up every ingredient, even xylitol is known to cause cancer. So, I leave you a Joe Jackson song "Everything Gives You Cancer". ;) And I may experiment when I make my own, or a company states food grade, most...
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    " Black Friday" ?

    Thank you so very much boyago! For what I wanted to order this one is the best sell by far of all listed and checked. :)
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    " Black Friday" ?

    I just googled nuturesoapsupplies without the dot com. There is a disclaimer that they no longer do coupon codes. :cry: Just a heads up for everyone.
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    Essential Oils in Mouthwash

    smee; Be careful with eucalyptus. Some excerpts from "Eucalyptus oil should not be taken by mouth or applied to the skin full-strength. It must be diluted for safety. The diluted oil is taken by mouth for pain and swelling (inflammation) of respiratory tract mucous membranes...
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    Essential Oils in Mouthwash

    Hi smeetree. I thought about this once, but I got too scared. I thought about it because of the ingredients in Dr. Tichenor's Peppermint Mouthwash. Here are the ingredients: Active Ingredients Alcohol SD 38B70% Inactive Ingredients Water , Oil of Peppermint , Arnica Montana (Montana Flower)...
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    Does 2.5% REALLY make a difference?

    2.5 % is not really worth it to me. I must admit I have never used hemp oil due to it's lack of long shelf life. I have used some with low shelf life that made a great bit of difference to me (i.e. walnut, pumpkin, etc..). Very nice and moisturizing, but do not store well once made. So, if you...
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    " Black Friday" ?

    I'm still watching and checking. Essential Depot has had sales all month, but I am not certain when they end. They are on the home page. Brambleberry as usual, just something once a week so far. Wholesalesuppliesplus must watch tomorrow, they have had one ingredient every week this...
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    shortening from save alot

    If it were me, I would use "old Crisco" in soapcalc to see what the lye ratio is, and, up my superfat level to about 8%, for a small trial loaf. Probably no difference between the old crisco and what you have besides the label. ;) But that is just how I fly. I don't sell soap, so I experiment a lot.
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    Where to find Jewelweed Extract

    Here is 4 oz, if you scroll down there is a 1 oz size available. Might also check ebay, I'm sure there will be some there. Or wait until it blooms, and people do post and sell freshly cut to send to you. I got some last autumn, cut and sent within 2 days...
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    Soapmaking the Natural Way: 45 Melt-and-Pour Recipes Using Herbs, Flowers & Essential

    I'll second that! The photos are fantastic, the instructions and any discussion are very easy to comprehend and well thought out, organized, thorough. DD sent it to me last years as a Mother's Day gift, and it I must say, you really will want to make some M&P creations once you see these. A...
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    Does size matter?

    I've cut some that are difficult to use. Too big or awkward in the hand. For myself, I just cut those bars in half. For a customer, you could already have them cut in half, rather than instruct them to cut them in half. Just put the two pieces in a package. I only mention this as it looks like...
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    Inexpensive Soap?

    Unless you want to render your own lard or tallow, buying lard or vegetable shortening locally would be the least expensive in the U.S. The reason I say unless you want to render is because after a few times of rendering, you may get tired of that, as it is time consuming. Of course there is...