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  1. Earthen_Step

    Spa pairing

    Looks wonderful, love it!
  2. Earthen_Step

    Natural colorants to use

    I think you could get pretty close on the 3rd one with madder root -- maybe mixed with a little Moroccan red clay.
  3. Earthen_Step

    Why so many products that do the same thing?

    That's what I was thinking. Or possibly they could make multiple products that they blend together in the end.
  4. Earthen_Step

    How can this be correct?

    It's probably something like this. This recipe would have a short shelf life. It would have risk of microbial growth, separation and rancidity. Might be fun to try with an added preservative.
  5. Earthen_Step


    No need to be sorry *hugs*. I'm about to do another kitchen cleaning party! I'll probably have another one tonight after my adventures. :mrgreen:
  6. Earthen_Step


    I'd be the one to blame for no gear. They are my own dishes from making too much soap and food for my family.
  7. Earthen_Step


    I feel like my life has turned into doing dishes. That was my first official job, dishwasher at an Italian restaurant. It's gone full circle...
  8. Earthen_Step

    How is soaperschoice organic olive oil?

    I'm looking for high quality organic olive oil. The last organic olive oil I bought was disappointing from another supplier. I'm looking for a robust high grade olive oil. The California Ranch brand is spectacular, but they don't offer organic yet. Kirkland brand is nice and I might go with...
  9. Earthen_Step

    Where to buy Argan oil

    Bulk apothecary has it at a decent price.
  10. Earthen_Step

    Store dry lye in THIS container?

    What about dry climates? Susie brings up good points. I keep my lye in the plastic containers they come in. If those containers leak air they will suck up the moisture and ruin in time.
  11. Earthen_Step

    Store dry lye in THIS container? 5PP (#5) is good for lye -- so yes.
  12. Earthen_Step

    Anyone else make sauerkraut?

    I love fermenting! Sauerkraut, pickles and salsa are my favorites. Don't know if this will help. Here are a couple write-ups I did a while back. Sauerkraut Pickles
  13. Earthen_Step

    Confused by labeling practices I have seen

    Exfoliate is a cosmetic claim not drug. If you label according to cosmetic standards you can claim exfoliation. Once I found this out I had to change all of my labels to the cosmetic standard. But doing so is nice, you can use a lot more wording to explain your product without fear of...
  14. Earthen_Step

    what happens when...?

    You could bathe in it. If you have an abundance with the de-wormed milk, goat milk...
  15. Earthen_Step

    I am the proud owner of a domain!

    Congrats! Are you building your own site? If so what tool suit? Exciting times, keep us posted on your progress. :)
  16. Earthen_Step

    Natural Fragrance ideas, help please :)

    Those are nice looking, great job! I love the natural look to it, it looks like homemade strawberry ice cream.
  17. Earthen_Step

    Kombucha Soap

    A SCOBY is a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast not a mushroom. I hope the clarification doesn't offend, I love ferments and mushrooms -- it's a slight obsession of mine. I've been thinking about making kombucha soap for a while bust still haven't. I was thinking of going with water...
  18. Earthen_Step

    How to label "FO" when wanting "natural" advertising

    I also think it's wrong on a personal level. Until legislation happens you should be fine legally (I'm not a lawyer either). There are some lawsuits in the works that might change all this in the future. It's a difficult subject with a lot to consider. I'd like to see a 3rd party...