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    I have been able to find FO for under $1 oz from a few different sites. Since I started buying in larger quantities, the price went down a lot. I was paying about $2.50/oz for my wax melts before then. Still in aw over the .70 though lol
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    Does Anybody Sell on Facebook Marketplace?

    I would say build a basic website then. If your selling a lot, I would recommend Shopify, but there are a few options like Big Cartel that are cheaper and work just as well (Or if your web-savvy there is always WordPress). That way, you have a place to send people that looks professional. You...
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    International Shipping

    Hello! It's me again with another awesome question about selling wax melts. A few people have asked me now to ship to Canada and the UK. I know that as a US seller, I would still have to have compliant labels (and registration?) to ship to the UK, so that's out. I can't seem to find...
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    How do you package for Etsy?

    For my wax, I used polypropylene bags. For soaps, I used shrink wrap, but I think I wound up throwing away more wrap than I used lol
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    Does Anybody Sell on Facebook Marketplace?

    I tried the marketplace and it was just OK. I think I got one sale from it in about a year, but the person was already following me on social media. I sell wax melts mostly, and Facebook groups are where its at. Its better to start your own group for your brand and then get involved in other...
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    The price sounds about right for a hobbyist. Unless you are buying supplies in bulk, then it gets much cheaper. Also, .70 a bar is amazing!
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    Sustainability / Cruelty Free / Vegan Statements

    Is it better to create an ethics policy for a small business? I would be HORRIFIED if my products were tested on animals. I'm personally a vegetarian. I do my due diligence as much as one possibly can at this level (For example, I don't visit the farms that harvest the soy beans I use in my wax...
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    Shipping Melt and Pour Soap

    You can try getting small cold packs to put in the packages too
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    Sustainability / Cruelty Free / Vegan Statements

    Does your business claim any of these things? I do not have these statements because it seems "weird" to me since I don't grow my own soy beans or have complete control over my supply chain (I don't make fragrance oils, for example, I buy them from crafting websites). I work hard to make sure...
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    Anyone actually have a brick & mortar store ?

    I would like one eventually
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    Pillar of Bliss from NG.

    I have not had an issue with my recent products nor my friends.
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    Pillar of Bliss from NG.

    I just got a shipment of PoB in last week and haven't noticed an issue but the wax seems "fluffier". I have a few things curing, so I can throw something on the melter in a day or so and compare. My friend started wax melts and got some PoB a month ago, she sent me a few samples, they seem to...
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    Newbie questions

    I third finding out what is in the wax melts first. Wax melts arn't always made with wicks in mind - glitter and mica, for example, don't always work well in candle form.
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    Have You Ever Changed Your Business Name?

    I think I am going to hold on to mine a bit longer (like 6 months ish), so I can find a name that suits wax/soap/bath. I currently can't do bath products, but Im hoping I can get the ball rolling on that sometime next year - expanding may be the best way to introduce a new name/rebrand without...
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    Post your happy

    Aztec just posted 50% off micas. I use very small amounts of mica, so 1 oz lasts me forever.... now I have 2 oz of Iridescent red headed my way and I am THRILLED!
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    Have You Ever Changed Your Business Name?

    I love my logo. I think it matches my style but who knows. I still have to think of a new concept that still matches my brand, but has a completely different name lol
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    Have You Ever Changed Your Business Name?

    That would be my biggest concern. Maybe keep the logo?
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    Have You Ever Changed Your Business Name?

    I think my current customers are ok with the name (most buy more than once), but I dont think the name would do well for anything other than home fragrance. It's also not a "politically correct" name, so while it wont cause issues now, it could limit growth later on. (EDIT: The name isn't too...
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    Have You Ever Changed Your Business Name?

    I'm just curious and exploring possibilities. My market has been primarily online, but I think my current name may be limiting me. I love the niche audience I have, but I think I'd be more successful with a more generic name. Has anyone else been through the rebranding process? Aside from the...
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    Post your Gripe

    My percentage tends to fall between 8 and 10, with some customs going slightly over and palm wax going slightly under. I'm thinking I may need to do a name change to tap into a wider market since my audience is specialized and growth is just ok. Thats crazy for the scent suppliers. A $3...