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  1. therealshari

    SMF Challenge October 2023: Ciaglia/Plain Straight Line

    Thanks all for the compliments. We generally shut down our soaping operations for the winter, however, I'm looking at all my options. I really would like to continue soaping. I have 150 bars to trim and wrap, but figure I can make another of the same amount for next season. We also make...
  2. therealshari

    SMF Challenge October 2023: Ciaglia/Plain Straight Line

    Got my entry up. The soap was incredibly soft so was unable to truley trim it up. We have a Christmas show coming up so I expect to sell the other attempts (4) at the show. Don't hit too hard.
  3. therealshari

    ENTRY THREAD for the October SMF Challenge: Ciaglia/Plain Straight Line

    Well it took me four tries to get to this final entry. I used BB Cranberry/Pomegranite scent. It did accelerate, but that's ok, I just worked with it, not adding the scent to cigalia until right at the last. This is the first time I've entered, but I am sure it will not be the last time.
  4. therealshari

    SMF Challenge October 2023: Ciaglia/Plain Straight Line

    1. ScentimentallyYours 2. Tammyfarms 3.dmcgee5034 - let’s get straight and scrappy 🌸 4. Ford 5. MomInWA 😁 6. not_ally - what the heck, I have lots of botched batches and need the practice. Grater at the ready. 7. CLMP Woohoo another challenge!🤩 8. Therealshari, first time entry.
  5. therealshari

    A guy here...

    No lunch for me guys. I'm about 270 miles south of Ogden. Sorry.
  6. therealshari

    A guy here...

    Hi there Tyler, I am from Oregon and transplanted to Utah. About 12 years ago, I became an accidental soapmaker, volunteering to make soap for our local farmer's market after the previous soapmaker passed. I didn't even know there were different kinds, like melt and pour, cold-pressed, and hot...
  7. therealshari

    Underrated and Overrated Soaping Ingredients

    This is a most interesting thread. I haven't heard of anyone using the recipie/method that I do, so I'll add it here. I selected the products for cost primarily but I also wanted a nice bar. I use CO, OO, Rice bran oil, Soybean Oil, and Shea Butter, 30/23/13/21/13%. I add Sodium Lactate to...
  8. therealshari

    Looking for Las Vegas help

    I have a cousin who has a home in Castle Rock. She's currently staying with a daughter north of Denver. I'm so glad you two hooked up.
  9. therealshari

    Baby goats to Brighten Your Day

    How precious are baby goats! We've had 11 does have their babies so far, still nine to go. We'll be having babies well into next month.
  10. therealshari

    Soapmaking Friend Needs Beta Testers!

    Sure. I am branching out to shower steamers and bath bombs. I already do lipbalms and soap as well as "paw wax" which is a salve for you and your dog's feet.
  11. therealshari

    Looking for Las Vegas help

    Hi there, I live about 150 mi north of Vegas. I have been soaping since about 2017. I am known as the "accidental soap maker" because when I began soaping it was at the request of the farmer's market. Our usual soap maker had passed during the winter. I kind of volunteered. Silly me, I didn't...
  12. therealshari

    Baby goats to Brighten Your Day

    Me too. Now that our milker is on site I feel much better. We're just getting too old to physically care for the goats.
  13. therealshari

    Baby goats to Brighten Your Day

    @MellonFriend I should have been more explicit. We had two goats give birth to 5 babies. Lost the one who had twin boys who are now in the care of our milker. The other doe had triplet boys. One died shortly after birth, one died last night and one is staying warm in our bathroom. We will...
  14. therealshari

    Baby goats to Brighten Your Day

    Our goats read the "goat bible" and presented us with 5 little boys the night of the 28th of February. That was when we had the most snow on the ground and coming from the sky. The news is not rosy as we lost a mama to milk fever, and have lost 2 of the babies. No pictures as we're in a...
  15. therealshari

    Soap cutter

    yes, I like it very much. to clean it, I wipe it down with a paper cloth, paying special attention to the wirew. If there is some soap dried on, I put it in my sink and run warm water over it. After all that, I get a dry paper towel to dry it all off. Then I wipe the strings with a light oil and...
  16. therealshari

    Soap cutter

    The biggest reason I went with ED and their multi-cutter, was that I could store it upright. I had very little space for equipment and it fit very nicely with the arms "up".
  17. therealshari

    Simple Sally or Fresh Milk?

    If you used fresh milk in it as opposed to canned or powdered milk, I would use "Fresh Milk" or "Fresh Goat Milk". The word "goat" is pretty hot.
  18. therealshari

    How Soap Kills COVID

    Thank you. I'll use it. Our area is still regarded as high in Covid. Of course now we also have RSV and flu attacking the area.
  19. therealshari

    Premixed Lye- losing effectiveness?

    Hmm, we got an extra milk tank that had a spigot welded into it. Guess I had better take a good look at. I think it has a ball valve on it. All I remember from about 5 years ago is the milk inspector said it was a no-go for the dairy. I have been looking for something to store MB Lye solution...
  20. therealshari

    New to the soap world!

    Welcome Tiffany, About the only advice I can share is that it really doesn't take much to get started. Just don't use ANY utensils that you use to make soap... for kitchen stuff again. It may very well taste soapy! I am an "accidental soapmaker", having begun making soap after our Farmers'...