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  1. Prysm

    What are your favorite soapmaking YouTube channels?

    Anyone have any they enjoy watching the videos of?
  2. Prysm

    New pop-up ads

    Thank you very much for showing her how to opt out of the ads.
  3. Prysm vs vs

    FYI SoapmakingFriend is only a little over $3 a month ($39.99) if you do annual.
  4. Prysm

    Any suggestions for a new wagon?

    What was the last one like? That would give everyone an idea as to what type of vehicle configuration you need.
  5. Prysm

    properties database & formulating milk soap

    Have you taken a look at It has a lot of features and make have a lot or all of that information.
  6. Prysm

    CLMP'S Gallery

    @CLMP That is neat using a soap carton.
  7. Prysm

    Some pictures of what I have been busy with

    Do they have different fragrances? They are all eye candy.
  8. Prysm

    Soap Making Friend - what’s going on?

    There was a few massive updates including one that now allows you to use SMF for creating non-soap products like bath bombs, lotions and more. I think all issues are resolved now. I think that is why the call for beta testers went out is because it was just a huge update to the product.
  9. Prysm

    Help with tracking recipes

    Soapmaking Friend - the all-in-one software for soapmakers Can save your recipes.
  10. Prysm

    Does anyone know how to set up a gofundme and get people to donate?

    If she is in the hospital have the hospital social worker talk with her. If she is on Medicare she can go to a rehab place for 20 days fully covered. That will give her time.
  11. Prysm

    No, no, no. Just no.

    No thank you. I haven't seen it yet, but that could keep me from purchasing for sure.
  12. Prysm


    What is SM3? That may help those that don't know it by the initials.
  13. Prysm

    dmcgee5034 CP GMS soapy photo gallery

    The photo gallery is outstanding, that is why I suggested both.
  14. Prysm

    dmcgee5034 CP GMS soapy photo gallery

    There is no reason for having them ONLY there. You can put in a thread so it's for context of message and I encourage it. But they can put in the media also. Or put in the media and put the photo in the thread via the insert image icon That will allow using the link to the image to show...
  15. Prysm

    Happy New Year Everybody

    I just want to wish each of you a very Happy 2023. May it be better than 2022. Lots of good wishes.
  16. Prysm

    Christmas and other seasonal holiday photos

    @lsg Those are great lights @glendam Love your soaps. I hope more people will post on the thread.
  17. Prysm

    Christmas and other seasonal holiday photos

    And this tree house is the best I've seen.
  18. Prysm

    Christmas and other seasonal holiday photos

    I would love to see Christmas decorations from your home, town, soaps that are Christmas themed. I say Christmas, but any other holiday in this general timeframe. I know there are a few others, and there may be one or two that I don't know about yet. So, please, share your holiday with the...
  19. Prysm

    My other hobby

    Those are incredible.