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  1. Zany_in_CO

    Best way to make labels .

    On Sale TODAY!!! November 30, 2023...
  2. Zany_in_CO

    Look What I Found!

    Indeed! I'm jealous! :nodding:
  3. Zany_in_CO

    QuasiQuadrant's Stellar Method for EO Blends That Stick

    I add the fragrance to my castor from the batch oils an hour before soaping or the night before soaping IF I plan ahead! 😁
  4. Zany_in_CO

    Castor Oil Substitution

    I'm happy to see you're browsing the forum to learn more about whatever interests you. Here's a friendly TIP: Before posting a comment check the previous post for the date. It's written just above the Avatar. In this case, it's December 22, 2014. :D
  5. Zany_in_CO


    Hola from Colorado USA! There are many Newbies and Semi-newbies here so you are in good company. You might want to take some time to read info posted on the Beginner's Forum -- especially the Stickies. There's lots of good information there to help you. Take a cuppa along and scroll down to...
  6. Zany_in_CO

    Shampoo Bar questions

    Go to the link provided in Post #7 to learn how to make 10% Oakmoss. Once made, you need very little to anchor a blend. Trust your nose. ;) Nope. I used to be that way but no longer do that because FOs seem to last longer. Yes, I believe that's the way to go but I would refer to the Eden Blog...
  7. Zany_in_CO

    Flaxseed Gel

    1 teaspoon tumeric powder added to the lye water then strained before adding the lye to the FAs gave me a pretty yellow in my =1&o=relevance']67% Shea Butter CP Your guess is better than mine as to why it turned brown, although it does happen with various spices and botanicals. Maybe it has...
  8. Zany_in_CO

    Shampoo Bar questions

    Thank you for that link. I love what they had to say about my all-time favorite "anchor" for EO blends: Oakmoss: Has a heavy, rich earthy-mossy, bark-like and extremely tenacious fragrance with a high fixative value; blends well with virtually all other oils, including lavender and ylang-ylang...
  9. Zany_in_CO

    Finally participating !

    @Elise, I'm so impressed! Aleppo Soap, Goat Milk, Goat Milk & Honey, Infused oils, etc. Comme c'est formidable! You are off to such a good start. I agree with the others. Good on ya for using what you have on hand with some amazing finds at second-hand shops. It reminds me so much of when I...
  10. Zany_in_CO

    Finally participating !

    Shelley, I don't know if this will help or not but here goes... When I first moved to Colorado in 1972, my legs became so dry that it looked like a blizzard of dry skin flakes when I removed my pantyhose. The lady who took care of my 2 little ones while I was at work had beautiful skin. She...
  11. Zany_in_CO

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Oopsie! Here's what EO CALC has to say about that blend. "If all of the listed usage rates below have a green background, you are good to go! However, usage rates that exceed the maximum recommended safe usage limit for Cold Process Soap (Category 9) in accordance with the IFRA Standards are...
  12. Zany_in_CO

    What are your favorite soapmaking YouTube channels?

    2 more threads on the subject:
  13. Zany_in_CO

    hp pt volcano

    I think so. I like the smooth finish vs. "rustic" look of HP. Plus, once cured, my cigar band labels wrap the soap all the way around with crisp edges at the fold. Whether HP or CP cure takes about the same amount of time. Honestly? There's no reason for using expensive oils other than label...
  14. Zany_in_CO

    From Canada

    I love that! Thanks for sharing! 💕 Welcome back! I've missed your sense of humor. Please post again and let us know how things are going for you. And even if it's just a single sentence, don't hesitate to chime in on conversations. We're not ALL that wise either!
  15. Zany_in_CO

    Best way to make labels .

    I use a cigar band label that completely covers the soap but leaves the ends open for sniffing. I print on 20# card stock, 3 labels just fit side-by-side across the page in landscape mode. At the time, they cost 3¢ each to make. Since I retired, I'm sure the cost for paper & ink has gone up...
  16. Zany_in_CO

    Zany's Murphys Oil Soap (Type)

    You're welcome!
  17. Zany_in_CO

    Zany's Murphys Oil Soap (Type)

    Alcohol is optional. I don't use isopropyl except to spray down foam in LS. Generally speaking, vodka is preferred. For liquid soap & shampoo, I use 1-2 Tablespoons of 80 Proof Vodka per 16 oz. to boost lather. TIP: 80 Proof = 40% alcohol by volume. Vodka is "grain alcohol" aka "ethyl...
  18. Zany_in_CO


    You're welcome SO MUCH! :D
  19. Zany_in_CO

    Rebatching in a Crockpot

    Here ya go...
  20. Zany_in_CO


    That's fine. I did a 100% Olive Oil soap swap in 2005 with 9 particpants. No two participants used the same OO. They all saponified equally well. No worries. And good luck!