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  1. JuLeeRenee


    I went to my bank and they helped me figure out which was best for me. It ended up being a personal checking account with a dba. I don't remember the amount off hand but if I was to make more than x dollars a year it would be switched to a business account.
  2. JuLeeRenee

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I combined 2 of my favorite hobbies to make a mold. I 3d printed an elephant to make the mold. Now I just need to find time to make soap and try it out.
  3. JuLeeRenee

    Is this partial gel?

    It is not partial gel. Looks like something I had happen to me when I used the default water content that soapcalc has before I knew that that number is for hot process. In my case it was soda ash. I cut it before it should have been cut for the water content that I used so it literally went...
  4. JuLeeRenee

    First time making soap. Can this be saved?

    You could rebatch it. I am not sure exactly how to do it myself as I have not had to do that yet. I do know that you can google search how to rebatch if no one comes and helps.
  5. JuLeeRenee

    Manufacturing and selling in Florida

    Glad its gotten better for you in Florida. I personally would be happy to make and sell soap but because of Alabama's pet rules I can't because I have an open floor plan and can't keep my dogs out of my kitchen. I can block my kitchen off from them while I am making soap but I can't keep them...
  6. JuLeeRenee

    Stick Blender Issues

    I had the Braun, while it looks like it has a massive deep dome shaped head they have a flat piece on the inside of it making it shallow. I have found that what really is important is the stick that holds the blending tool. If there is wobble in there it seems to create air bubbles.
  7. JuLeeRenee

    Hello from UK

  8. JuLeeRenee

    Are Your Soaps a Drag?

    I honestly have never noticed it but then I am one that only has bar to skin when washing my hands.
  9. JuLeeRenee

    Ultimate Guide to Liquid Soap

    I am so glad to know I am not the only one that would rather have a book in their hand instead of on an electronic item. I have her cold process ebook and gave up reading it because it an ebook.
  10. JuLeeRenee

    Post your happy

    My happy today is, Mad Micas finally has the perfect blue. I have been trying for months to create the perfect blue for nail polish and now I won't have to. Now just to try to wait patiently for it to arrive.
  11. JuLeeRenee

    Confused regarding Syndets

    Not all hair is created equally. While some will do good with one recipe, others won't. It's just like soap and the many differences in skin. For example, one of my recipes my mom can't use it is drying for her but for me it isn't. When formulating syndet bars or soap, people tend to stay with...
  12. JuLeeRenee

    New member

  13. JuLeeRenee

    Hello everyone!

  14. JuLeeRenee

    Body Oil Question

    @A-Polly Thank you. I looked on WSP but never thought to look on BrambleBerry for some sort of kit. I wanted it to be a surprise for her but I told her and we both are going to work something out together. I will be sure to share all the information I have gotten with her.
  15. JuLeeRenee

    Body Oil Question

    Thank you @Zany_in_CO and @Christa10
  16. JuLeeRenee

    Body Oil Question

    I just want to thank everyone that has helped. I really wanted to surprise her and didn't want to talk to her about it. I did however talk to her about it and she is excited to try whatever I make her. She uses olive oil because it is easily obtainable to her. Does a preservative need to be...
  17. JuLeeRenee

    Body Oil Question

    My mom uses olive oil in a spray bottle after her showers. I actually want to try and make her some kind of after shower body oil, does anyone know where I could find a recipe or could teach me how to formulate something for her? I don't get to see my parent very often but next month I am going...
  18. JuLeeRenee

    Why all the Castile &/ Bastile Slime Hate?

    I used your recipe not too long ago to make my mom some. She keeps asking for an all olive oil soap.
  19. JuLeeRenee

    MP + Mica + Glycerin = Glop...?

    You are very welcome. Hope it helps you out.
  20. JuLeeRenee

    MP + Mica + Glycerin = Glop...?

    It's been so long that I have made them I really didn't remember so I went on a search for you. This link should be able to help you. I know it's easier to just tell you but I figured you could bookmark this and make it easier for you in the future.