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  1. Dwilson9

    Using fragrance oils

    At what ratio of the Fo to p80 to carrier? I was reading a 2:1 cartier to poly ratio and that fo doesn’t need to be factored in, but what if I don’t include carrier oil, then how much poly? Or what if the amount of Fo I use is more than the carrier I use? The how much poly?
  2. Dwilson9

    Using fragrance oils

    Can you omit the carrier oil and only use FO and P80? Do you have to add the FO and p80 together and mix and add then to the dry mix or can you add the FO on its own
  3. Dwilson9

    Using fragrance oils

    i want to add fragrance oil to my bath bomb recipe but not exactly sure how to go about it. do fragrance oils need to be diluted in carrier oils? at what ratio is acceptable? the fragrance oil i want to use says do not apply undiluted directly on skin, but yet a ways it is skin safe and suitable...
  4. Dwilson9

    Personal Protection Equipment for bath bomb making

    Not sure what I need and what the best is to get: - Mask - Goggles - Apron - Gloves anything else?
  5. Dwilson9

    Bath bomb packaging problem

    When I shrink wrap my bath bombs, after a few days. They go soft. I’m drying them 3 days before wrapping them. They stay hard when not shrink wrapped. Can someone please explain to me why this is happening? And a solution? I much like the idea of shrink wrapping my bath bombs
  6. Dwilson9

    Guar Gum for bath bomb.. How?

    I like using the GG but sometimes it leaves jelly like on the tub ring? why?
  7. Dwilson9

    How to enhance fragrance in bath bombs

    Yes I saw this! I went out and brought some and gave it a go. It definitely gave my bath bombs a stronger scent, but I’m still not 100% on how to actually use it. Like, do I just add the FO to the NSB (natrasorb) or do I add the FO, Carrier oil and P80 (polysorbate 80) together - mix - then add...
  8. Dwilson9

    Black Bath Bomb

    Has anyone ever had any luck making a bath bomb that turns the bath water deep black without leaving tub staining, or staining on skin, and is also safe? 😂 How did you do it? What colourant did you use?
  9. Dwilson9

    Adventures in Bath Bombs

    Hi there! came across this thread and was wondering if you had an update?
  10. Dwilson9

    How to enhance fragrance in bath bombs

    How do i enhance the scent of my bathbombs? is there an ingredient i can add? things i should look for in a fragrance oil? are there maybe fragrance oils in powder form?.. so i don’t max out my wet ingredient percentage trying to make scent stronger by adding more of the FO. are there different...
  11. Dwilson9

    Guar Gum for bath bomb.. How?

    How do you use Guar Gum in bath bomb recipe?..
  12. Dwilson9

    Foam then fizz. Why?..

    Technique.. I know what the word technique means, but what techniques are used when making bath bombs?..
  13. Dwilson9

    What Bath & Body Thing Have You Done Today?

    do you have links or the recipes you could share
  14. Dwilson9


    can anyone recommend a good dehumidifier.
  15. Dwilson9

    Foam then fizz. Why?..

    Personally, I've only used two bath bombs my whole life... So now that I'm trying to make my own, I'm a little lost. I have ordered some which are on the way, but in the mean time, can anyone describe it?... No judgement please hahaa some of the bath bombs I've been making, when put in the...
  16. Dwilson9

    BathBomb techniques?

    Bathbomb “techniques”, do they exist? What are they? Surely there has got to be some special ‘techniques’ when it comes to producing bathbombs.. it can’t solely be the recipe right? For example, I had read somewhere that some people poke holes in their bath bombs to help them float...
  17. Dwilson9

    Do you need carrier oils? Is there an alternative?

    Thank you for all of this! What's a good alternative too Poly 80 then? That's safer... and works well with other ingredients?
  18. Dwilson9

    Elements of a BathBomb?

    Thank you for this! Yeah so I don't really know the 'terms' I'm just going off what I've read on different pages on google. But they used the word modulator, to describe the ingredient that prevented the bath bombs from activating prior to being put in the bath. So I like corn starch, cream of...
  19. Dwilson9

    Do you need carrier oils? Is there an alternative?

    Ah okay, well Is there any carrier oil/alternative (can you use wax?) that will moisturise the skin, and dispense with the water well so not sitting on the top. So something that acts as a carrier oil, mostiriser skin and disperse oil into water well? What other poly 80 alternative substitutes...
  20. Dwilson9

    Elements of a BathBomb?

    - Effervescence COMBINATION - Carrie oils - Emulsifier - E.O/F.O - Powdered/Liquid Colourants soluble in water/oil - Binding agent - Foaming agent - Modulator - Salts - Additives/decorations - Surfacants Yes? No? More?