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    Mold on Soap

    Thank you!
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    Mold on Soap

    Oh, no! I thought Calendula was one of the few good guys! I have a batch with calendula petals. Sigh. Another question. I’ve been eye balling the Rose soap kit from Brableberry. It includes pink rose buds for the top. Won’t they mold and turn black as well?
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    Lemon Slice in Soap?

    Please keep us updated on this. I’d like to try it to, but am scared of the mold. Glad you were brave enough to try it and hope it works out. They look fabulous.
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    The 4-letter game

    Help! Under Intense Observation. FLYD
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    Colors pooling and fading in melt and pour soap

    I was afraid of that. That stinks! Thanks for your help.
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    Orange spots in melt and pour soap?

    Thank you. I think you may be right☹️
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    Colors pooling and fading in melt and pour soap

    I’ve had difficulty with a new bunch of soap colorants pooling in the bottom of my soap, being unevenly dispensed, and fading ( some to completely white!) in my melt and pour soap. Is there any way to fix this? It does seem to just be happening with the new set. They are liquid, but are...
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    Question About Colorants

    Will Crayolas work in melt and Oour? I’m having trouble with my colorant pooling at the bottom of the bar, then eventually fading. Not sure why.
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    Orange spots in melt and pour soap?

    It shouldn’t be, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t. It definitely isn’t lavender, but sunflower petals were in the vicinity. However, it seems like the spots are too small for that. , and they don’t APPEAR to have a seed or petal in them.... But I’m wondering/hoping it is something like that...
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    Orange spots in melt and pour soap?

    I finished a pretty simple batch of melt and pour soap and have noticed small orange spots developing in it. I wouldn’t have thought this would be an issue with melt and pour, since the soap Was new, although I did use essential oils- lavender and lemon. How can I stop this from happening? Tia
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    MP spongy

    When I looked at the instructions for sodium lactate, it said to use 1tsp. per 1 pound of oils in the soap, not per pound of soap. However, it was talking about cold processed soap. Does melt and pour require 1tsp per pound? How would you even know when you have a pound of oil in a melt and...