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    body butter recipe that wont melt?

    I realize that but I also see that there are challenges that can't be entered until a specific number of posts and that people get criticized for their opinions if they don't post very often, but it is often difficult to find current threads that relate to questions I have or subjects on which...
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    Stand up "lotion" tube with screw on cap & crimped/welded end

    I know you can pop the open end off and have a wider opening to fill, but depending on the thickness of your product it's still a pain.
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    body butter recipe that wont melt?

    I know I'm responding to an old post, but as someone noted on another thread, there doesn't seem to be much action here. Not sure if everyone has moved on. To the point, if you wanted to make a lotion that was the consistency of body butter it would be stable because of the emulsifier.
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    Easy peasy bath melts

    What about 5% btms50 and some polysorbate 20? Is the 20 too weak? It's what I happen to have on hand.
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    Why does bar soap require cure while liquid doesn't?

    Oddly enough, IrishLass, she noted Dunn's book as proof that nothing happens after saponification. Wish I'd been armed then. Wow to not being able to use more than 10% CO. And boo to crappy roommates. I haven't talked to à lot of other soapers before this forum. My standard recipe is 25% CO...
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    Why does bar soap require cure while liquid doesn't?

    I'm late to the party here but I wanted to go back to the idea of "mildness" from an extended cure. I'm in an FB group where someone had to beat her chest that she's a chemist and knows that soap can't be made milder after saponification is complete. To me, that ignored what else might be...
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    Mixing Hydroxides

    There's a dual calculator here:
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    Please check out my labels.

    Soap weight also needs to be in grams. I know you said you aren't selling, but if that's your goal, you do need both weights.
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    "I will PAY you to teach me!"

    Mandy, did you ever find out more about what your friend wanted? And have you come to a decision? After Lenaree's experience, it seems doubly important to clarify.
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    Not so much recipe as shap of soap. Would this sell?

    I think if you could do a pattern that made it look like this was purposeful, it might work. Thinking layers that run parallel to the horizontal edge. As is, this shape looks like exactly what it is, cut pvc.
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    Great recipe for tallow/lard!

    I have some palm free, vegan recipes, but I don't like the feel, or how long it lasts compared to my tallow bars. My family doesn't like the five gallon tub of tallow in the fridge. Too bad. I win. Love to try this recipe! Thanks for sharing.
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    New soaps

    Love that set up. Did you make the box?
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    "I Haz a Sad" doesn't cover it

    I'll send him a note in the all souls procession on Sunday. I hope your friends and family are taking good care of you.
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    Shaving soap

    There's a long thread over at B&B on creating a recipe and most of the long time de shave fanatics were pro clay. Some interesting thoughts too on marketing shave brushes to women. Untapped market....
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    New soaps

    I want to snuggle with the castile. So beautiful.
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    Troubleshooting: Too Hard or Too Soft

    Wish I'd read this before. Did a whipped soap yesterday in a slab. It's a recipe I've used before in a loaf without a problem but today it's like dried out playdoh crumbling everywhere. I stopped after cutting four bars. This gives me hope it'll be better in a day or two. Fingers crossed.
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    Wow! Has anyone done this?

    I can't tell you how many swirls I turned into brains because of the 170. Your soap looks beautiful!
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    I love llamas! Too cool. I'm trying to make a solid soap with sugar for scrubbing, in a twist up tube so you can wash and exfoliate your feet at the same time. It's been fun so far.
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    Hi all, I'm Christine, living in Tucson. I primarily make cp. I do like to experiment and made my own mp (not quite like what you'd buy at the craft store, lel). I'm playing around with whip cream soap right now and a soap/scrub stick. I'm looking forward to joining the adventures.