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    Funny stuff I found while surfing the 'net

    Love love love the one about tomatoes. Ain't it the truth. The difference between your teenager lecturing you, but asking for advice in her 20's. Wisdom is also when you know that you don't know.
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    We have Humming birds again!!!

    Bee resistant feeders I've found that there are a number of almost bee proof feeders (I don't think anything is totally bee proof) out there, but they are more pricey and not usually found in home and garden stores. My favorite is Songbird Essentials Dr JB's Clean Feeder. Amazon has it but...
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    Soap is soft

    Sodium lactate I usually Soap around 120 degrees. Because I'm a beginner, I really haven't tried to make my soap gel yet. Do you see a downside to using Sodium lactate?
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    Soap is soft

    Soap calculator I used Bramble Berry's Soap calculator and was going for 5% super fat. I always heard that 5% was optimal? Oh and thank you for taking time to answer my question Also, I messed up my lye and H2O numbers. They are now correct. Sorry
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    Soap is soft

    Soap was very soft after curing 2 days in a box mold with silicon liner. It was firm enough to cut, but just barely. I set the pieces out to cure for 4-6 weeks. Here's the recipe: 30% olive oil 30% coconut oil 30% palm oil 10% sweet almond oil 4.6 oz lye 10.6 oz water BB Yuzu Fragrance oil...
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    Explosion in Popularity

    Selling I would recommend researching the best ways to label, market, photograph and display your products. It really does make a difference. I'm embarrassed at some of the mistakes I made starting out. For most people, selling becomes an expensive hobby rather than a way to make money.
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    Explosion in Popularity

    Selling I have been selling at craft fairs for a couple of years now. I've had no experience selling online. I don't sell cp soap, I sell lotions and melt and pour, body butter, and sugar scrubs. It's a lot of hard work, and there are a lot of ups and downs. I've had people literally run and...
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    FO Bug be gone from BA

    WSP has a bug be gone body oil. It's gor lemon eucalyptus essential oil and soybean oil. They recommend not to use on kids under 3. If you mean that you are looking for a carrier oil, something light like soybean oil (short shelf life) or fco might be good choices.
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    How to sterilize BB jars at home?

    Floor clean I have a gorge-and barf cat also. The little dears also like to pick up big chunks of wet food from the bowl, drop them on the floor and eat from there. They're cats, why ask why?
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    How to sterilize BB jars at home?

    Amazon will not ship star San to California, so I'm going to get to know my local brewing supply store. I tried this stuff called EZ CLEAN, which was recommended on Amazon. It's no-rinse, but it left a residue.
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    Linseed oil

    I used to ride horses and think of linseed oil as something you use to condition saddles and bridles. If it can soften leather, must be great for skin, right?
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    14 Day Clutter Purge

    Thanks, been doing 1/2 hour a day. Right now it actually looks worse, because I'm trying to organize. All my tools going into covered bins. All my butters, waxes additives going into sealed, labelled containers. Then time to sort through the fragrance oils and toss out the expired.
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    soap redux: the soapening

    Like a Bird of Paradise. Look, you invented a whole new design!
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    Bath Bomb Recipe

    I'll answer to a few things I know Clays are supposed to make a harder bath bomb. Don't substitute pink or red clay for white kaolin. It looks beautiful but makes an UNHOLY mess in the tub (ask me how I know) Epsom salts can dry out your bomb and cause cracking I like goats milk powder and...
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    Hoarders Been downsizing myself, and keep asking "How did I get all this crap? How." Must end Amazon Prime. Also, no more fragrance oils. No more. Yeah right.
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    Mislabeled products from a new vendor

    I'm late to the party, but if it were me I might try and sit down with her at a quiet time and say "as a friendly person, I'm telling you there's a lot more involved to this". I know that I started selling products, and didn't know so many things. I thought it was just a matter of carefully...
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    How to sterilize BB jars at home?

    Sanitizing Actually most people recommend the 70% alcohol, as the 90% dries too quickly to inflict maximum damage damage on the beasties. Another case where more isn't necessarily better.
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    Trading out CO for Babassu and trying Tallow, both firsts

    Babassu If you ever decide to branch out, Babassu makes a great ingredient for a lotion bar, along with Shea butter and beeswax, or for a body butter. You may get more value out of your oil that way, if you ever want to give it a try.
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    14 Day Clutter Purge

    Yep. Body butter, Shea butter soap, and Shea butter everything else for me and the family. The 6 pounds of palm oil will just have to wait. This is why I need inventory records.
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    Disinfecting and best practices

    Cleaning I've been making lotions, ans sugar scrubs, bath bombs for a while. I'd be really careful with anything that goes on the face, and especially anywhere near the eyes. If an infection is going to happen, that's the most likely place. I label all my lotion "hand and body" because the...