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    Has anyone else read this article?

    I didn't see anything when I searched the forum about the lye issue. Perhaps some more people can chime in about that, since apparently a member of ours got it tested?
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    Super-Premium Soap?

    I break out very easily, so a HP soap super fatted with olive or jojoba would agree with my skin just fine. I don't get fancy face cleanser, though. I get fancy serums and lotions. Seems like a waste to have the expensive ingredients literally go down the drain.
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    How strong is too strong? How fancy is too fancy?

    I don't make anything but unscented and uncolored soap these days. I'm too cheap to get unnecessary ingredients at the moment. I don't sell, nor do I have people that want CP soap as gifts. (My family thinks bar soap is unhygienic). So there's no incentives for me to get too crazy. I do LOVE...
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    Has anyone else read this article?

    Well I'd have to hear what other soapers have to say. I haven't noticed anything personally. It already housed cleaning supplies and I figured I might as well keep other things that could kill/injure babies in the same ultra baby proofed spot. I don't have many other places to put it in my tiny...
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    Has anyone else read this article?

    Lye issue? Do tell, as I have a bottle of their lye under my sink. Now you got me all worried! =P
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    When to add hard butters

    I made some batches recently with 15% shea. I don't like taking the temperature of anything, so I just make sure the oil bucket remains comfortably warm to the touch. I'm a lazy soaper but it hasn't caused any issues. Oh, and I melt the shea into all my other oils on the stove using a low temp...
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    Is 100 percent coconut oil soap drying?

    With Soapcalc, you click the button that says something about printing the recipe. A beautifully laid out sheet will pop up that tells you how much lye and water. You don't need to print it if you don't want to.
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    Palm Kernal oil with coffee smell?

    This also makes me more curious about what difference people see in their soaps with unrefined/refined versions of different fats. I've always just stuck to whichever one was cheapest. :think:
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    Palm Kernal oil with coffee smell?

    What a bummer! I wonder if the company mislabeled it, as it was sold and labeled as unrefined palm kernel oil. :cry: My soap still lathered great, as I was using it in place of coconut oil. I'll have to see how my new batches turn out with the real palm kernel oil. I guess that should be more...
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    Palm Kernal oil with coffee smell?

    Ages ago I purchased palm kernel oil from a vendor through Amazon. I can't recall the brand name. I soaped with it successfully and it had a beige color with mild coffee smell to it. I recently wanted to try a soap with palm kernel oil again and purchased from Columbus Foods. This stuff is...
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    Bad DOS

    I'm so tempted to just throw all my cured batches in the fridge/freezer. Sometimes I have old cooking oil that I don't want to consume and we go through soap soooo slowly. My family won't get bars off me because they think bar soap is unsanitary. Pumpkin seed oil sounds so fancy! Can you...
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    Book recommendations?

    I actually keep threads here bookmarked. In a soaping folder there are multiple folders titled "coloring", "troubleshooting", "suppliers", etcetera. You can rename the bookmark something like "ricing" so it's easier to know what each link will be about. When I find something that might be...
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    Poured Palm & Palm Shortening Test

    Well thank goodness. A run through soapcalc is basically just saying the creaminess will be lower than what I was going for. I will remember to input palm shortening as Crisco w/ palm from now on! Thank you!
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    Poured Palm & Palm Shortening Test

    If this is the wrong way of doing it, then I just made a huge error with two batches curing on my shelf. I read on some soaping article you inputted it as palm oil as long as it was not hydrogenated. Now I'm concerned I have received bad information. :(
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    New to the addiction

    I totally scented my first three batches of soap. I don't really regret doing that. It's a risk, but I took it. Got lucky and everything was fine. Though it was reassuring to first read the reviews of soapers experience with each one. I avoided anything that was reported to accelerate trace...
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    Suddenly ashy

    I think ash looks super pretty with dark colored soap and textured tops. I never wound up using the alcohol I bought for soaping, but it was at my local grocery store. I wonder if you could save yourself the search and get some off Amazon.
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    Making soap from existing soap by adding MCT oil

    There are topical and oral treatments for your condition, and honestly, as someone who's suffered from a severe skin disorder, I think you should be working with your dermatologist for solutions. You can bring up making your own soap and then find a prescription to use in conjunction. Some derms...
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    First time using my own soap :)

    One for face and one for body so far, but shampoo bars have piqued my interest too. Then I have two different hand soaps for the bathroom and kitchen. You can't just have one recipe can you? I mean, you need a bar for different functions!
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    First time using my own soap :)

    I have yet to settle on that "just perfect" recipe for myself, but I do find it amazing that every batch is still better than detergent based soap from the store. It makes experimenting with different recipes worth it.
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    Crinkle cutter?

    I actually like swirling patterns with wrinkle cuts. I think it looks nice and the washboard texture seems to help when lathering, doesn't it? There's a brand called Zum that's in grocery stores around here that does it to their soap. Their soap isn't that awesome, but I like looking at them!