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  1. J

    Palm Springs, California

    Does anyone know of a good supply store in the Palm Springs area? I know I can order online but hoping there is some place close that I can pop into for supplies.
  2. J

    2nd batch!

    Those look good!
  3. J

    My little soaping area

    What are the egg carton type thingamadabs that you have your E/O F/O's in. Mine are in a drawer but totally unorganized.
  4. J

    My BB swap soap

    Looks fantastic!
  5. J

    White smeared down on white :(

    Try cutting it on it's side to stop the colour from dragging down
  6. J

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome :wave:
  7. J

    i'm a nail tech and makeup artist.

    Love the nails. I used to get gels done all the time. Haven't had any for a couple of months now. Looking at your beautiful nail art makes me want to get them again. : )
  8. J

    Cake Soap Dressed to Give

    That looks stunning. Cakes are really fun aren't they?
  9. J

    Vanilla - strawberry - chocolate soap .. for one little girl

    Those are so pretty. We lost a little girl in our family to brain cancer many years ago and then just recently another little girl in our family who is a brain cancer survivor. It's terrible to watch a little one (or anyone for that matter) go through it but the medical field grows leaps and...
  10. J

    Story Time....

    HEY, don't laugh. Squirrels are NASTY!!! LOL
  11. J

    Story Time....

    Oh no. That would suck moon. I feel your pain.
  12. J

    Story Time....

    Ah Ha!!! Lasagne. It's the cheese. It's supposed to give you strange dreams if you eat cheese at night.
  13. J

    I think I made a Van Gogh soap

    That's gorgeous!!!!!
  14. J

    Story Time....

    I got kicked out of reastaurant one time on a lunch date with all my co-workers. There was a huge group of us and I am SURE they took more dishes out of storage for us. I never said a word but my coffee cup was really dusty inside. I just picked up my napkin and wiped it out and the owner saw...
  15. J

    Do you really need to use distilled water for soap making?

    I just use tap water run through my Britta.
  16. J

    Losing my mind. Wedding Madness!

    OMG Deda that is a GORGEOUS dress. I am POSITIVE you will do your daughter proud. Don't stress, it will be beautiful. :D
  17. J

    Body Butter

    Isn't it a good feeling. I love body butters and I don't sell but I can't make them fast enought to keep my friends and family happy. : )
  18. J

    My Electric Heart Grubby Candle

    That is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it.
  19. J

    Scrumptious shoes!

    WOW!!! LOVE the shoes.
  20. J

    HUGE amount of fo's for trade or sale..ALL SOLD!!

    I don't have any trades but are you interested in selling?