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    Assistance Formulating EO Blend

    Modern soapmaking also has a blog post about usage rates for essential oils
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    A lotion recipe

    I like BTMS-50 as my emulsifier and also DL-Panthenol - Brambleberry carries it and they also have a good lotion recipe that uses both.
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I added a gold mica stamp to my cut hp bars. Wanted rustic and fancy in the same bar.
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    Bubbly lather in non palm oil soap?

    Great info, Aihrat! I experimented with Lol um Butter and loved how hard my bars got and lather was good too.
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    Rainbow Taiwan Swirl

    Beautiful! Your Soap Therapy was a success!
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    Soap cracked and a few questions

    Kenna from Modern Soapmaking has talked about formulating recipes so they are ready in two weeks so I think it's possible. But The Efficacious Gentleman brings up very good points, so possible after a great deal of testing!
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    Hello, hello

    :wave: to you all. Welcome, Mallesh
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    Hello, hello

    By nature I am a lurker, so for me to do an intro can only mean...I am impressed with you all! What a wealth of information you have and share! I am a South Dakota Goat farmer (and sometimes whisperer) and have been making soap for about 7 years. Cream soaps are a favorite. My...
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    Dangers of making bath bombs

    It is allergy season already so my system is already in alert mode. I made my first bath bombs last night...followed by a dose of allergy meds...will be wearing a mask from now on.
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    Ideas to make Soapmaking into team building exercise

    How interesting! I really like the idea of incorporating the kits
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    Ideas to make Soapmaking into team building exercise

    Those are some great ideas. I do carry professional liability to cover the "classes " I teach.
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    Ideas to make Soapmaking into team building exercise

    I was asked to make soap with 15-25 participants at their regional staff mtg as one of their team building activities. Any ideas how to add more team into soapmaking?
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    Soapers Choice is amazing!!

    1 received a 35 lb box of castor oil in an unlabeled pail. Huh? (It was damaged in shipping and repackaged) A call to Soapers Choice and they sent out a replacement. Excellent customer service.
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    Cream Soap - gel stage?

    I finished reading Linda's CS tutorial (thank you!). One of the biggest differences between my process and hers is that I always cook mine thru gel/transparent stage. It is something I had learned on another CS tutorial from the yahoo group. Is there any benefit to cooking it til...