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    Piping tops, days after pouring the base

    I poured 5 loaves of soap on Saturday. I was hoping to get a piping set that day for my birthday (also Saturday) but, I didn't so, I had to wait and order my own. It is now Wednesday and I have a piping set but, the bases are well on their way to curing. I have not yet unmolded them (let alone...
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    New Soap Calculator in Progress

    I recently took a programming class and for my final project, I am creating a new soap calculator. **Disclaimers** It is NOT FINISHED and several things don't work right now but, if you calculate your recipe by weight (not percentage) it SHOULD be right but, please run your recipe through...
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    Does anyone measure your batch in kilograms?

    That is a great idea Earline! I might have to steal that one from you! :)
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    Does anyone measure your batch in kilograms?

    :bunny: In the US, we often measure our batch size in pounds and then oils in either ounces or grams. I was wondering if those of you in other countries (or even here is the US) ever have any use of kilograms in recipes?
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    Resources for Soaping Math?

    No problem DeeAnna. I know enough to have picked out the problems they talked about and I am focused on the math here too. All is good! No need for embarrassment here. :)
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    Resources for Soaping Math?

    I am going through a program called Launch Code which seeks to take people with little to no programming experience and eventually get them trained and placed in a programming job making (generally) much more money than they were before and thereby filling a lot of empty jobs and giving people a...
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    Resources for Soaping Math?

    Response attempt #2 (first one was lost) SIGH! JavaScript with AngularJS as a framework and Firebase for my database. I was gonna try to recreate the functionality of Soap Calc but, clean up the site quite a bit but, then I found Soapee and realized that it had already been done...
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    Resources for Soaping Math?

    Thanks all, for your suggestions! Sometimes, it all comes down to the right search terms... Now to go and try to learn all the mathiness (and keep learning all the programmyness). :D
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    Resources for Soaping Math?

    I am taking a programming course and trying to create my own soap calculator for my final project. I will be able to figure out the programming part after a lot of this... :headbanging: but, I am having trouble finding a resource to explain the actual math behind the calculator... all my...
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    How do you name your recipe?

    I have a standard base recipe and vary the color, scent and inclusions... Then, honestly, I take the finished soaps to my knit night and pass them around and ask people what they think they should be named (assuming something doesn't scream out to me right away). If they can't come up with an...
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    Newbie questions re: recipe

    I JUST made a Peppermint/Lavender soap 2 weeks ago. I love the fragrance combo. I DID go easy on the Peppermint for the reasons stated above. That said, I do enjoy the combo and would encourage you to try it.
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    Best online company to order supplies from? I am new.

    Thanks for this tip! I went right over there and spent too much and bought the last they had of two different fragrances!! One was something that a customer has been asking me to make for the last month or more! Love this forum! :)
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    Using Soap Bits

    I live in Kansas City where ZumBar is headquartered and they have an interesting use for their shreds... They gather them together and put them in little muslin bags and sell them as sachets! I love the confetti soap but, if I ever get tired of it, I know that I have another use for my shreds...
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    Lye Master Batching Advice Wanted

    I just did my first master batch of Lye Water. I mixed it in a stainless steel pot (like they have soup in at your local buffet - thrift store find) and let it heat up and cool in the metal pot. AFTER it cooled, I poured it into a #1 plastic container that I saw a soaper use on YouTube. I found...
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    Fragrance renamers

    Re-Namer In addition to soaping, I have a fiber arts group that I run every Monday night (The Knotty Knitters, Happy Hookers and Salacious Spinsters). I always make at least one sample soap in a soufflé cup and take them in to my group the Monday after I make them. I then pass the sample bars...
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    A "different" question about lye

    I was watching "Ask a Mortician" on YouTube and she actually answered this question. It IS possible and currently available to people who die normally. It is called "Liquid Cremation." Use that for your keyword and do a Google search. It is a thing. Also, yes, it does dissolve the soft tissue...
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    Another Lye Heavy/Zap Test Question

    LOL, nuts! I just threw out about 3 empty laundry soap bottles to make room for more soaping supplies! The Magi strikes again! That said, thanks for the lye info. I am off all next week for vacation so, if I can find an appropriate container (or two) I suppose I have no excuse for not dealing...
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    Another Lye Heavy/Zap Test Question

    Good to know about the lye. As for the molds, they are metal but, I line them with doubled parchment paper.
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    Another Lye Heavy/Zap Test Question

    I was making a larger batch because I am still nervous around the lye (it is really static-y) and I thought that if I made a larger batch, I wouldn't have to measure it out as often. I did use the dryer sheet this time and it helped but, it wasn't perfect. Plus, I am just really excited to try...
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    Another Lye Heavy/Zap Test Question

    Ok, thank you DeAnna! (sorry for the name flub earlier) I wasn't sure how long to wait. I really don't want them to be bad because they are so pretty and they smell so good. That said, I really don't want to burn people and that takes precedence over pretty.