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    WSP - Bladderwrack EO/FO - co-op buy

    Just thought I'd let you know that AFI carries the Bladderwrack FO by Crafter's Choice. Go to and you can do a search for it. They have a 10 pound minimum, but price/pound is only $19.20. If you order 25 lbs, it's only $16.20. I really have no idea whether it is exactly the same oil...
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    Floral FO for someone who doesn’t like florals

    DeeAnna, I'm curious as to how close the MMS Green Tea is to NG's. I was going to try it, but it is so much more expensive, and if they are quite similar, I won't bother.
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    Re-Thinking Shaving Soap

    What advantage does the DE razor have? I've heard it's harder to rinse out?
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    Lard and labeling

    Thanks everyone for the replies!
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    Lard and labeling

    Hi guys, can you tell me what to do for labeling when my lard says "BHT and Citric acid added to improve stability?" Do I need to add BHT and Citric acid to the ingredient list? If so, how should I do so? Should it be like: "Olive oil, lard (contains BHT and citric acid for stability), coconut...
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    Teakwood & Cardamom, yes or no?

    Thanks for weighing in y'all. :)
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    Teakwood & Cardamom, yes or no?

    Hi everyone, I have heard good things about NG's Teakwood & Cardamom, and so I went there to check out the reviews...turns out several of them were saying that whereas it used to stick in CP, now it no longer does. I don't want to get it if this is true. For those who use it, have you found...
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    Hi Everyone, I am looking at buying some Burberry FO, and have heard good things about both NG's and Pure Fragrance Oils (PFO). NG's is half the price of the other, so I'd rather get that one, but would like to know if anyone here has tried both and thinks they are close or if one is better...
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    Scent Works dupes Co-op --Happening Now!

    I just put in my own order, and it occurred to me that I should have mentioned that although it says on the order form that it is "Free Shipping", that is because she doesn't yet know how much shipping will cost. Please be aware that she will bill for the shipping later. It does say this on the...
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    Scent Works dupes Co-op --Happening Now!

    Hi folks, I'm a member of another forum too, where there is currently a Co-op happening of several TSW fragrance dupes. Also a couple of others (see below). An experienced soaper and chandler is heading it up and we're trying to meet the minimums. They require 20 lbs per scent or there's a...
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    Your fav fragrance oils

    I'm sure Zany didn't intend for the descriptions to be taken as her own. She was just making it so we didn't have to go hunt them down ourselves at Elements' site. :thumbup:
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    When is BB going to have a fo sale??

    I just got notice of $25 off shipping, but I'd rather have $25 off product, since I live in Washington, and my shipping only amounts to about $15. But now I guess the chances of an FO sale are pretty low, since they're running this shipping promo.
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    When is BB going to have a fo sale??

    Me too! I've got that Christmas gift card and am hoping for another April sale. :)
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    Fragrance Buddy FO test

    I just finished reading through this thread. What a lovely bunch of carefully done reviews! Thanks so much. They will come in handy.
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    DSO Jasmine Sambac & True Antique Lilac OR Comparable Alternates

    I was just at the Soapies-supplies site, and it looks like their Jasmine Sambac and True Antique Lilac are in stock now.
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    Great weather-proof labels

    Thank you, that's thoughtful of you to share that.
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    Dragon's Blood

    You have no need to apologize. Thanks for juggling this with all your other duties.
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    Dragon's Blood

    Just sent my info, then discovered I'd already sent it earlier. Sorry!