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    aloe vera

    Hey I make a triple aloe soap thats great. Use aloe juice as the lye water also use aloe butter in oil mix then add fresh aloe at end of cook off (CPHP) block, cure, great stuff good luck
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    I'm thinking of using dried blueberries as exfoliant

    I make a Salted Goats Milk Blueberry soap. Using fresh (not dehydrated) berries liquified, Dead Sea salts an GM. The fruit skins after the soap cures out make nice exfoliant. Everyone whos tried it loves it. Using berries, GM an touch of water for liquid. Dehydrated then ground up...
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    Some interesting info, "Dead Sea Salts: The balance of the salts in Dead Sea water are magnesium, potassium, calcium chloride and bromides. Why are these types of salts beneficial? Magnesium is important for both combating stress and fluid retention, slowing skin aging and calming the nervous...
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    pine tar soap problem.please help !

    I use horse health in white can with a big gold horse shoe on it. From local feed store. works great.
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    pine tar soap problem.please help !

    odd I make a pine tar, but never seen this. I dont use any form of tallow though, so not sure if that would affect it. Is the pine tar cut with anything, or 100%?
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    Favorite Scrubby Soap Inclusions

    90% Honeydew as liquid. Honeydew seeds sun dried an ground to powder for exfoliant. everyone seems to love it . nice an rough and veary Honeydewy.
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    Anyone ever make liquid soap with pine tar?

    Just been wondering if its possable to make a liquid pine tar soap. So figured I'd ask if anyone else may have ever tried this. Maybe even a cream soap with pine tar. ????
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    Adding sugar and salt to soap

    While BG is right about one reason, there are other reasons to use them. This is why I use so much salt and sugar in my soaps. "Dead Sea Salts: The balance of the salts in Dead Sea water are magnesium, potassium, calcium chloride and bromides. Why are these types of salts beneficial...
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    Fun with a rebatch!

    not sure what your doing for image, try upload to photobucket first then copy its direct link or img link, then post the link here. hope that will help
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    Liquid Soap Again... Urgh! - UPDATE - I CHEATED

    beautiful stuff. say its a bit cloudy after diluting? If 100% olive oil let it sequester awhile itll start clearing. I have some olive oil liquid that is a bit concentrate still and a couple months old, its almost clear light green now.
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    Crisco to Dish soap experiment

    Well I actualy made this about 3 weeks ago. So far works great, my dishes are clean :) I think the coconut oil does seem to make them dry faster. No oily film after (like the dollar store stuff did). Myself, I have always used the leftover residue from making soap to clean up after making...
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    Crisco to Dish soap experiment

    Here I go with another crazy idea.. Prices are going up on everything these days, including dish soap. If you buy the cheap stuff at a dollar store...well you get what you pay for. So, can I make inexpensive dish soap from say Crisco? Remembering how much liquid soap I made before from 32ozs...
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    Lye and the dreaded Meth makers...

    Woolworths? OMG havent seen one of those in years. I use to get lye local till found it on lye guy, lots cheaper. But yea the meth issue is crazy, all lye local has been pulled from shelf and locked up. Have to ask for it if local. Any of you ever see those documenteries on how stuff...
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    Eczema soap?

    for eczema make your usual soap but try adding pine tar at no more than 15-20% a friend who was a big disbeliever in handcrafted soaps has eczema, after talking her into trying the pine tar soap shes sold for life. also heard that neem oil is good but never tried it yet. get pine tar at...
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    What is "lye soap"?

    Re: Lye soap saw some "national-chain 'lye soap' " in a hardware store near me also, grandma's or something like that. It was gross looking and stunk like old nasty lard, you know that smell lard gets if left out open an went bad . Had dos so bad it was running in the bottom of the shrink...
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    Soy Milk, Oatmeal and Honey soap smells awful...why?

    Soy Milk + Cucumbers = OMG put that stuff outside and soon notice neighbors packing and leaving. lol Made some and it stunk for about a week. Dont even like cucumbers or soy milk. They dont even seem to like each other in soap...the combo seemed to make the soap expand while cooking...
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    Coffee Soap?

    read up ... hp?t=20856 theres also some links about how awsome coffee is further down in that post.
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    Coffee Soap?

    Coffee is truely awsome. One batch I made from Foldgers and has a little grounds in top 1" smells like coffee candies no FOs or EOs used. Next batch I made with Aztec Organic Gold coffee (expensive stuff friend gave for this), no grounds, he didnt want grounds in it. smells like...
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    Selling soap to help feed the hungry

    The people running our local food pantry needed a place to store there turkeys so we let them use our deep freezer. When they came to pick them up I was in middle of making soap. Once they loaded up one of the guys wanted to see what I was talking about, so I showed him my soap stock pile and...
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    Grrrrrrrrr....what am I doing wrong?

    not sure but I always put the FO in after the cookoff (HP) . try putting it in last next time. otherwise maybe toss in a crockpot an HP it?