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    Borax Hand Soap for Blacksmith or other dirty work

    I know this is little older thread, but, earlene, there is only 2.2 grams of borax in your 1000 gram recipe? I thought on the front page you had 2 ounces but there is not a total weight.
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    soy oil same as soybean oil?

    I assume it is. Is it a good replacement for olive oil or would rice bran oil be better?
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    Lowes Riceland Rice Bran Oil

    Is this what OP means?
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    What is a good blueberry FO?

    They say it doesn’t turn soap yellow
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    What is a good blueberry FO?

    Who has a good recommendation for a nice one? It doesn't have to be super sweet over the top in your face. I'd like it to be an "adult" level of fruitiness.
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    I need a blackberry FO

    Thank You all. Anyone tried the other WSP blackberry FOs "Fresh Picked Blackberry" or "Blackberry Bramble Tea" ?
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    I need a blackberry FO

    What is the best that anyone has used?
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    "earthy" scents

    i'd like to try vetiver but....the price. Is dragons blood always a FO?
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    "earthy" scents

    I've got patch and myrrh. Trying amyris (used it years ago) as a sandalwood alternative. Never thought of oakmoss.
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    "earthy" scents

    I'm having a hard time figuring out what is "earthy" smelling. Any opinions on EO or FO appreciated.
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    percentages of base/mid/top notes

    Is there any kind of a general rule of thumb to what percentages one should use? Like 50% top, 30% base 20% mid. I'm guessing it would depend on the types of oils used. I'll say I'm doing a woodsy, citrus, hoppy beer soap w/ myrrh, frank, cedarwood base, grapefruit top, and maybe juniper...
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    Whats the next best lye calculator after soapcalc?

    Soapcalc seems to be having a hard time loading today so I was wondering which other calculators work similarly.
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    Tallow-tastic Weekend!

    I've rendered my own lamb tallow. I did it at work which is a professional kitchen so the exhaust system sucked out any scent. I pretty much used all of it (a couple pounds) in a batch and split it with the farmer who gave it to me.
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    eucalyptus blends?

    KatyP, What ratio do you use for mint/eucalyptus?
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    eucalyptus blends?

    Thank you all!
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    eucalyptus blends?

    I know lavender is good but I have a lavender goats milk so I don't want competition until that's out. I could go straight but would like a few suggestions. thanks.
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    CP will not trace

    i think the lye is the issue. it was not real smooth flowing like it may have taken on some moisture
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    CP will not trace

    the scale should be fine. it's all i use it for. i'm using soapcalc Total oil weight2268 g Water as percent of oil weight38.00 % Super Fat/Discount5 % Lye Concentration26.945 % Water : Lye Ratio2.7113:1 my weights could be off by a few grams maybe. this is my third year doing soap with...
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    CP will not trace

    i've never had this before. standard oils, coco, lard, palm etc. distilled water, frozen beer cubes. lye. everything weighed. immersion blender. just no trace after an hour. ??????????? the lye solution was cool because of the frozen beer. no actual temps on anything. oils heated...
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    Why clay?

    I think i'll try clay here in the near future