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  1. K

    Another throw question...

    What is the size of your wick? The kind of wax and FO have very little to do with the throw. Throw is dictated almost exclusively by the size and condition of your wick.
  2. K

    Hot throw with soy candles

    i would add a higher concentrate of FO to your wax (i use about 1-2oz PPW with soy). Soy wax is a more absorbent wax than paraffin, so more fragrance will be absorbed by the wax. You should also make sure that the FO you are using is made for use in candles. Some FO's work better in soap than...
  3. K

    Having a problem with my throw

    I have had great luck with my parasoy/veggie blend. Just blend your paraffin,soy wax, and shortening 2 to 2 to 1. I do that and add 1 oz ppw of FO and mine throw like crazy all over my 10'X5' studio!
  4. K

    pulling away

    I agree with what people have said here; however, i wouldn't worry about the "wet spots" (I have always just called them what they are.....air pockets). They will go away as you burn your candle. Honestly, I used to fuss over that kind of stuff and nobody else could see them but me so I don't...
  5. K

    Palm Wax

    I get all of my palm wax from peak ( Their prices are probably the best you are going to find and they have a great selection.
  6. K


    I believe that stands for Universal Stearic Acid, which means it's safe to use in candles, soap, and bath & body products. It can be purchased from Essential Wholesale (, Candle Chem (, or Peak ( ETA...
  7. K

    Soap Batches

    I apologize for not posting that much. Life has been kind of crazy here. I have been making some batches of soap. In fact, my last batch was a scrubby facial soap with oatmeal and apple spice and cinnamon FO (really good stuff!!! :D) I will post some pics this weekend of that batch and my...
  8. K

    My first batches

    Thank you for the compliments! :) Do swaps traditionally happen here?
  9. K

    My first batches

    Cool! I will post a thread on it here tomorrow.
  10. K

    My first batches

    Thank ya darlin! :) Wanna do a swap?
  11. K

    My first batches

    Thank you :)
  12. K

    My first batches

    This is my coconut lime verbena soap. It's my own recipe which is as follows: Process: Cold 128g Lye 344g Water 226g Coconut Oil 317g Olive Oil 45g Castor Oil 317g Lard I used gladware containers greased with mineral oil for my molds. My batch of unscented. Source...
  13. K

    Newbie from Portugal

    Hola Ana! Welcome to the Forum! I'm glad that you are enjoying it here.'re not alone.....I'm portuguese too (me portuguese tambien) :) Chris
  14. K

    New Member

    thank you Ian! :)
  15. K

    Hello From Portland

    Where in WA are you? I'm also in Portland, OR! :)
  16. K


    Welcome! I'm new here too. I LOVE YOUR NAME!!!!! :) I also belong to an e-mail chain thing called "Horny Chefs" which they may be that, but we ONLY share RECIPES!!!!! :)
  17. K

    New Member

    Hello Paul! I have seen some of your molds and etc. Nice work!!!!! (i dabble at wood working). My hubby is MikeInPDX.
  18. K

    New Member

    my hubby is MikeInPDX! :)
  19. K

    New Member

    Thank you :)