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    Simple Liquid Soap Recipe

    Susie, thank you for your recipe! I want to try it and add some EO for fragrance. When and how can I add it? I need to use emulsifier for the EO?
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    The Little Efficacious Gentleman

    Woooow!!! I haven't seen this thread until now! Congratulations for your little angel!
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    Buying other people's soap

    In what kind of paper are those soaps wrapped? Is that tissue paper?
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    Avocado oil: It`s official, I`m sold!

    I'm wondering if avocado oil is suitable to do soap for kids... :confused::confused::confused:
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    Eczema soap recipe

    Allergies can be triggered by many conditions. By stress, medication, everything. Years ago I had an autoimmune disease( immune thrombocytopenic purpura for those who knows the terms) and I had to take corticosteroids for a year. I had the immune system weakened and the corticosteroids triggered...
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    Where do you soap?

    I'm wondering too, if you make soap for selling aren't there any requirements to have a separate workspace? Can you make soap in the kitchen for example?
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    Best oils for infusion

    I want to make some infused oils with chamomile, rose petals(in spring) and calendula, but I don't know which oils are the best to extract all the goodness from these flowers... :confused: Any advice is welcome.
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    Coconut milk with xanthan gum

    Thanks, but I'm from Romania, is tricky to buy it from the USA.
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    Coconut milk with xanthan gum

    I can not find pure coconut milk. The purest I can find contain coconut milk, water and xanthan gum, or guar gum. Can I use it as the liquid in CP soap? Will xanthan gum(guar gum) affect the quality of the soap? :confused::confused::confused:
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    Greetings from Spain

    ¡Hola! ¡Bienvenida al foro! I'm from Romania but I lived 7 years in Leganés. I turned back 3 years ago with my 2 kids because of the economic situation of the country, but my husband is still there. He sends me the olive oil, here it is more expensive. The spanish olive oil is the best on the...
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    Hello from Serbia

    Like me!!! :):):)
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    Hi from Romania!

    Maybe, but I don't now exactly what you name Farina soup. Can be something like this:
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    Hi from Romania!

    So they aren't natural EO's nor fragrance oils, right?
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    Soap bar for babies and kids

    :shock: I love, love, love these!!! My 8 years old daughter too!
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    Soap bar for babies and kids

    Here the same, pork fat is very cheap, almost everyone in the country side grows pigs, at least one, for this reason cosmetics made with fats are considered cheap and worthless. The carrot juice may change the colour of the soap to brown, no? I haven't think about that. I'm not a chemist...
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    Soap bar for babies and kids

    Thanks to all! My idea was to use only vegetable oils. Here people is considering that soaps made with animal fats are low and cheap quality. I was thinking to make a gentle soap with chamomile infused olive oil, some castor oil, some CO, a little avocado oil, and substitute the water with...
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    Soap bar for babies and kids

    Sub. part of olive oil with avocado oil Is it a good idea to substitute about 10% of the olive oil with avocado oil for better moisturising quality?
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    Soap bar for babies and kids

    I have 2 kids and my brother has a baby and a 7 years old daughter and I wish to make CP soap that is kind with their sensible skin. What oils do I use? and EO's?
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    Hi from Romania!

    I saw in the Manske shop something like Naturidentische Ätherische Öle. What kind of essential oil is this? What is the difference between these oils and true essential oils? Sorry for bothering you, I don't know German, I'm using Chrome's translator.
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    Hi from Romania!

    Thanks for the information. Vita Von Waldehoe don't ship to Romania. Manske-shop would be a good source but for an order up to 9 kg the shipping cost is 29€!!! :shock::shock::shock: and only for Romania! For all other EU countries the shipping is 10 euros.