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    Hello from Williamsburg Virginia

    Yes please delete the todd gray account my phone signs me in as my face book account I was searching the forums to figure out how to get it fixed . And to answer your question I have a 1 year business plan from the time we start to produce the soap to when we start to sell it .
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    My home made soap mold

    I will post an update when I get it done .
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    My home made soap mold

    I have the materials to make 4 more molds I am waiting on a chance to pour with this one first to see if I need to make any changes to the design. I was looking to line the mold I think I found a way to do it cheaply Lowe's has no trespass signs that are made from a thin plastic material I think...
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    My home made soap mold

    About 2 hours once I got all of the parts together
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    Homemade soap cutter

    Hello all I just made my first soap cutter. I got all of the parts from Lowes and I will include the part numbers in this post just in case you would like to make one for your self. The base is 12 inches long by 4 inches wide. The walls are 3 1/2 inches tall . The first set of blocks are...
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    My home made soap mold

    Hello everyone I set out the other day to design a soap mold for my company I know there are lots of great products out there but I had a specific size for my bars of soap and I could not find one that matched my needs. So a small trip to Lowes resulted in the following soap mold it is the...
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    Hello from Williamsburg Virginia

    Hello My name is Todd and I am new here to these forums. My wife and myself have been setting up our soap making company for the past six months and we will soon be in the testing phase of our product line of soaps we will be offering for sale. The name of our company is McGray's Old Town...
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    Part 2 FREE Nurture Soap Supplies Mica Samples

    I am just starting out in the soap making business and could use some of these samples how do I go a about getting some of them Todd