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    Made my 1st soap!!!

    Woo hoo! I'm glad you had fun- even if things got a little crazy. Same thing happened on my first batch- used a scent that accelerated! I glopped it in and it turned out fine. In fact, I love it! Great job on getting started!
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I cut my Crisp Cotton soap that I made yesterday. Smells awesome and looks ok. My blue mica turned gray, but that will only bother me. Then I made a batch of ombre sandalwood soap. Can't wait to cut it and see how it went. I haven't been around long enough to be in the challenge but I had never...
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    How much to cut the base?? How can you know?

    I have used the water weighing method above, but I still don't come out exact. If I really only wanted to scent and color the EXACT right amount of base, I think I would use the water method to get an approximate amount, then melt that much base and pour it and let it cool, then measure what I...
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    New Here

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    Welcome! I am new, too. Looks like we can learn a great deal here.
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    I am a new member From Jakarta

    Welcome! I'm new, too. Lots to learn here!
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    A Frenchy in Idaho : Hi Everyone ! :)

    I live in Utah. I haven't been able to find lye anywhere local so I've been buying it from Amazon. Pretty sure that I am now on the FBI's watch list due to my Amazon orders!
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    Curious newbie

    Welcome! I thought about it for a long time before I jumped in. . . now I'm in over my head!!!
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    Hello, hello!

    Welcome! I'm new, too. Just LOVE making soap. Part science, part mystery! ;)
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    New Addict from Utah

    Hey everybody! I live in Utah. I've been making soap and other products for a few months and it has become a passion. I'm one of those crazies who studies things for a while, but once I start actually DOING it I go full speed ahead. I've made a bunch of batches of soap with varying degrees of...
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    Good patchouli fragrance oil

    I'm pretty new to this but I bought some patchouli EO and it is super strong. Maybe I'm just paranoid about using too much and having my soap smell like old hippies and the soap I used it in has not fully cured yet so I'm not sure if it will stick or not. I haven't seen a "pure" FO in my...
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    Problem with shrink wrap bands

    I have been using 4x6 bags and it has been hard to get the soap into them. I usually get them about halfway in and then hold the bag down against the counter while pushing the soap in. Last week I bought a shrink wrap system and I think that is going to work better. . . once I get the hang of...
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    How do you organize your stuff?

    I'm lucky to have a great space in my laundry room. I keep molds and M/P in tubs in the closet and other ingredients on the shelves in that same closet and in the cabinets under the counter. I bought a cute shelving unit at Hobby Lobby that holds up to 8 oz bottles of EO's and FO's and gets...