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    How long, O Lord? How long?

    I cure my soap for 4 weeks, no need to wait 6 weeks if they are done. Use less water, they should be hard in a matter of days, then wait for no zap. I also do hp in a crockpot. Try it.
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    breast milk soap

    yuck, im not sure that breast milk would do that much for the soap.
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    lining wooden molds - part 1

    I also use a wood mold that hubby made me. I can save you lots of time, I use shelf liner( dont peel off backing at all, printed side to the bottom of mold) to line the mold, cut one piece going the short way of mold, then cut another one the long way and place on top of the first one you cut...
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    Is it sticky or is crumbly?

    I agree too much coconut oil, add more palm. Why do you put in fridge? just cover it and let it sit.
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    New to hot process

    i use a crock pot for both my hp and cp, I like both methods. Ok, so for hp, add all your melted oils( doesn't matter what temps) to your pot, then add your lye/water( also doesn't matter what temp), then stick blend til trace or kind of thick, turn on high, cover.( DO NOT STIR) Then for my...
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    Peaks 40% off sale

    It's time! They don't do this often, I've been waiting . I ordered 3 packs for 50 bucks, can't beat that .
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    FOs from peaks in CP

    I adore peak! I have used them for years. This is great sale, 40% off, I got 30 sample bottles fr 50 bucks. Some do accelerate,and discolor, of course, black canyon is my hubby's fav And he won't use anything else. There is a spreadsheet on peaks fos, somewhere .
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    What are your favorite cinnamon or clove scents?

    amish harvest by peak is devine.
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    Patchouli Overload

    om, I hate patch also, the ones I have are in tripled ziplocked! I finally sold my last one, a guy wanted 9 bars and backed out.
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    Palm Oil Remelt

    I always remelt mine when I first recieve it, then I never remelt the whole thing, just smaller portions as I make my soap batters. I dont think it will be effected if you keep melting it, but not necessary.
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    ocean by peak/major acc

    I like that! the beast. I had to hp it, but I really like the way it looks, its theprettiest blue/green colr and very smooth bars, looks just like cp, not sure why? If I figure out how to post a pic I will.
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    Re-batching question

    uncover and let get hard, ive never made 100% anything, but it should get hard thats what they used to use in the old days.
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    how to get that boozy smell

    I didnt think vodka had a smell? they have beer fos.
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    ocean by peak/major acc

    ive made this before, I guess I did hp. I tried cp, wow major clump r after adding the fo, so I had to hp it, it did turn out a pretty blue/green, anyone else make this one and have it do this?
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    has anyone found a non accelerating gardenia?

    bath and bodys fragrances? whats the company email address?
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    no freezer paper. substitute?

    no need to spray, they peel off the soap very nicely, r you going to place one on top of the other? I cant find the pic posted. :(
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    no freezer paper. substitute?

    i always use contact paper or shelf liner, its awesome and not much measuring, just take a piece going the short way then place one the long way on top of it, no taping, and you can wash it and reuse it. does that make sense? I posted a pic somewhere!
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    Looking for a good dupe

    the has one.
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    which do soap customers hate more-- palm oil or beef tallow?

    Re: which do soap customers hate more-- palm oil or beef tal ive never had anyone ask about palm, although people dont seem to like the animal fat issue, so I dont use it. I agree with the one lady, there is a ton of foods etc made with palm, it would be difficult to stay away from it.
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    almond soap help

    there is no almond eo, you would have to go to a fo, ive used natures garden almons and liked it .