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    Storage of CP in summer

    dehumidifers are cheap atleast down here they are because honestly come august its normal to have 90+% humidity and triple digits and if your not careful porous flooring sweats but i cant really speak for any where else furthest north i remember living is virginia and i honestly dealt more with...
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    Storage of CP in summer

    Well I don't know much about the north east being from Georgia myself but I do remember something about cellars/basements being used to store away goods that needed to be kept cooler from something or other I read as a kid. So maybe that can help.
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    Special Dog Soap

    She is an old dog. We've had her for 10 and she was was full grown when we got her from the pound if its something we can test and treat without a lot of stress on her we are willing if not we will make her comfortable. Secondly as a concern she is a coyote mix and there is one minor...
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    Going without soap.

    O.o The idea of going sans shampoo alone terrifies me enough no soap. *shudder* Where I live triple digits and 90%+ humidity is normal. Add to that hair long thick and heavy enough that my wavy hair just looks like it has body and I'd never go in public again. (Not that I don't go 5 or so days...
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    Soap recipe to help eczema

    Nothing can heal or make it go away short of finding out what is causing it and even in some cases knowing the cause won't change anything. Beyond that pine tar or tea tree oil may help with the symptoms but like anything else could do nothing or even make it worse.
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    Why olive oil B traces faster than extra virgin?

    Outside of taste and the good stuff for cooking with there is no real difference in what the oil itself does for skin and hair. I use the el cheapo store bought off the grocery store shelf for a treatment for my hair keeps a medication I have to apply to my scalp from frying my hair. Looks...
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    Shampoo Bar tips for THICK HAIR

    Not having oily hair (even at 14 I could go 3 days before it needed to be washed again) I can't say much for a recipe specifically for that not having looked, but these are a few links for that type I've seen on line
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    Special Dog Soap

    Hmm thank y'all for this post we have a similar issue out of one of my dogs 2 vets have done everything short of an allergy test (which we are not doing both us and the vet feels she is to old for the stress) and testing for a yeast infection. We were about to chalk it up to her being a coyote...
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    Shampoo Bar tips for THICK HAIR

    Having long, thick hair through the majority of my life my biggest issue was/is always getting the shampoo and conditioner out when rinsing and the only solution I ever found for that was to have a hand held shower head and flip my hair upside down in the shower. As for scalp treatments, I've...
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    Trace question

    I fully intend to but I've discovered over the years that I have a hard time understanding what the consistency of something is supposed to be with out a frame of reference. Since I work in a restraunt the gravies we serve seem to be a natural starting point for that I know what white and brown...
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    Trace question

    Before I ever start mixing for my soaps I want to understand what trace is supposed to look like. So the question is would a light trace look about the consitency of brown gravy and a medium trace about the consitency of white gravy?
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    shampoo bars

    as a red head myself henna is something a little longer lasting than id like in a shampoo bar i swear i found something a bit less lasting and have lost the site ill have to dig nvm found it: its got some interesting stuff
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    soap making kits?

    Don't mind short bars considering I haven't used bars in years just want something I don't have to do a lot of measuring out for right at first. I want the process down before I get into the measuring out portion of it.
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    soap making kits?

    Fridge space is also at a premium. I'm actually considering digging the mini fridge out of one of the sheds to see if it would have enough room. And my cat issue is the cats start fighting the dogs start chasing them and anything stored on the floor may just get broken in the process.:oops:
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    soap making kits?

    Has anyone used the soaping kits from this site? And if so are they any good? I'm considering one for a first go so that I don't have extra oils sitting around getting knocked over till I can figure out storage for them that the cats...
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    I'm a soap making virgin....

    the local ace hardware should have it or you can have them order it if not try other hardware stores
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    How do you ever decide???

    im more worried about the alcohol in some of the fragrance oils irratating my psoriasis and my friend's excema some of the eo's can help ease the symptoms tho honestly just dropping the sulfates has helped the most lol
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    How do you ever decide???

    florals make my family sneeze so those are out and with skin sensitivies involved i dont order anything but the eos so yeah kinda limits my choices lol
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    INCI Question

    a full list is a good idea just because of some of the skin allergies involved these days and you may want to mention it is left in if your selling it just because there are apperently ppl allergic to it (who knew) :???:
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    Reuse crock pot for food after Hot Process Soap

    i dont but i have a spare broken crock pot that other than not being able to latch down works fine that i use for soap