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    cure, is there ever an end?

    Just wondering yall's thoughts on cure. Do you think there is a point where soap is as good as it can possibly get? For example, I had a soap I hated everything about at 6 months cure. A year later, and it is fantastic.
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    How much honey is too much?

    I use 1 tbsp ppo. I use individual molds, and the ones in silicone come out much lighter than the soaps in clear plastic molds.
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    false trace pine tar recipe

    I purchased my pine tar at the Tractor Supply, it's in the horse care section. Any feed and seed store should have it.
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    NG's Fo are they stronger?

    LunaSkye, I purchased the extreme concentrate. This was my first fo purchase and I mostly got perfume dupes. Red Door-type accurate and very strong. I can only take this scent and the original perfume in small doses. Red (w) type accurate at first, but in one year old soap with french...
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    false trace pine tar recipe

    Dixiedragon, I did not measure the temps, but both the oils and lye water were only slightly warm to the touch. I wanted to keep it as close too room temp as possible, without the lard resolidifying
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    false trace pine tar recipe

    Thank you, Newbie and DeeAnna, I will definitely try that method next time. The pine tar really does accelerate trace, but is so worth the hassle. My skin really loves the lard and pt combo.
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    NG's Fo are they stronger?

    Thanks for the responses, it's not easy, but i have started narrowing down the choices. I think I will order samples of Island Fresh Gain The Perfect Man Teakwood & Cardamon Hummingbird Bite Me Cracklin Birch Dark Musk Egyptian Dragon Cashmere Type Alien Angel
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    NG's Fo are they stronger?

    I have tried scents from BB and save on scents. At 1oz pop most scents seem very faint with cure. NG's website claims their scents are undiluted. Do you think their's are stronger than other suppliers? I am looking to make an order soon,and would like recommendations for fo's that really knock...
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    false trace pine tar recipe

    Yesterday I made two batches of PT soap, A recipe I have made many times before. 80% Lard 20%Pine Tar Full Water (aloe juice) 5% SF I believe I reached a false trace. With both batches, poured into individual molds, the lye water started separating on the last few soaps I poured. Most...
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    Hello from SW Florida

    Hi! I have been a daily lurker for the past three years. I am finally saying hello, and want to offer my thanks, to this great group of soapers ,who have taught me so much.