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    Lye and kitchen tools

    You can mix food and soap use with glass and stainless steel. Use aluminum with care (it's fine to melt oils in, but never, ever, get lye near it). Wash everything well. Don't use wood or plastics/silicones for both.
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    Textured tops: packaging and labeling?

    Soap boxes. I use 3x3.5x1" boxes that not only make it very easy to package for shipping (and protects the soap) but the size allows both flat and poofy tops.
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    In general, how big are batches for selling?

    After I'd been soaping for about a year (generally good to be soaping at least a year before selling) and had moved on from the small silicone molds to wooden loaf molds, I was doing 4 lb batches. Up to 24 lb batches now.
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    Lye solution ended up being too soap still okay?

    Once you cut your soap, look for any unusual spots and holes that might indicate bits of lye that didn't incorporate. Did you notice if the lye solution was grainy/had undissolved lye? First rule of soap making: safety, and that includes taking your time :)
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    Cyclomethicone, soap socks, molds, and digital scales

    Not yet :) not looking forward to it when it does, I am from the US (Oregon) where fall lasts a proper 3 months; here, the leaves start to turn and the trees are bare within 2 weeks. Then it snows. For 8 months. Good thing I love my hubby (Canadian).
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    Getting supplies in Canada.

    I use (AB) - for lye and oils shipping is reasonable, Voyageur (BC) - for EOs and most everything else, and am switching my FOs to Natures Garden (USA) because they Ship USPS - no duty/customs/ridiculous UPS fees and I prefer their FOs over any of those available in canada...
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    Molds for sample sized soaps?

    For Crafts's Sake guest soap set.
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    Major disaster!!!

    Not what you went for, but they are pretty anyway, love the colour combination!
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    Cyclomethicone, soap socks, molds, and digital scales

    I use cyclomethicone in my conditioner. Love it. Check out Susan (swiftcraftmonkey) for more info on it: Brambleberry and has 10lb molds. I've bough digital scales from amazon...
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    Major disaster!!!

    I personally don't force gel, ever. I'm so sad for you, that was a gorgeous top. Maybe next time, leave it be to gel or not gel as it wants - a partial gel circle inside isn't a big deal IMO.
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    Do customers buy unscented soap?

    I have several that sell well. 100% olive oil; an olive oil blend with oatmeal, goat milk, and honey; a salt bar; a basic shower soap (that one being the least sold). That said, 95% of my sales are scented soaps.
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    How do you package your soap for customers?

    Lunch bags for small orders, leftover plastic grocery bags for large. Never had anyone complain about recycling.
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    Are bath bombs considered a Cosmetic product on ontario?

    Yes, all manner of bath and body products have to be labeled with the correct INCI and notification forms sent to health canada.
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    Baked Goods / Sweet FO Recs

    If you like almond smells, I soaped with Peak's Almond Pastries today and it smells soooo good. I want to eat it.
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    Ok really?? Forgot the FO (ITP swirl) AGAIN!

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one that has soaping-brain-farts :lol:
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    Troubleshooting: Clear Streaks

    I love the look and I've gotten it in unscented, uncoloured soap. It seems like a streaky version of stearic spots, but honestly I am not sure. Love the pictures!
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    Ok really?? Forgot the FO (ITP swirl) AGAIN!

    Someone else has to be as bad as I am about this. The ONLY time I EVER forget to add the FO is when I do an ITP swirl, and it happens at least 75% of the time. Why does my brain hate me?? Ok, I feel better. At least my all brown soap smells good (OMH with real oat, milk and honey and used...
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    SM3 - "blend" for embeds... help!

    I figured out a way to make it work. Deleted the first batch, restocked the ingredients. Resized that recipe twice - once for 8 bars (what I have left) and "made" that recipe, and once for 6 bars (what I used for embeds), and just kept it open to use the amounts. Then I opened up the new...
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    What is your lye mixing container made out of?

    Yep, I knew I was leaving something out of my post! They get changed regularly, and I'll have a soaping room soon and will use fans to direct it out the window then. The windows in my inlaw's kitchen are higher up and with the way the kitchen is set up, I don't have a good way to direct a fan...
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    What is your lye mixing container made out of?

    I recycled a plastic coffee (folgers) can; the new ones have a nifty handle and it's tall and straight sided enough that it directs the fumes up into the stove vent.