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    Where to get bulk/cheap oils in Europe?

    If I'm honest, the UK is hard enough to find decent prices for supplies in regards to soap making... The US is far, far superior in supplies/moulds/colours/fragrances etc. The only thing I buy from the US though is moulds as everything else HAS to be certified as safe in any EU country. I'm...
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    Punitive Etsy Feedback

    Sorry bit late in replying here but I've had some real weirdo's on eBay. On my personal and business accounts I have 100% feedback because I'm honest to the point where I know I'll lose some bids but I won't lie to any potential buyers as it's not fair. I've had a few buyers threaten to ruin...
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    Where to get bulk/cheap oils in Europe?

    I'm from the UK and there is plenty of British soap supply websites that offer butters/oils at good prices. The only thing I would mention is buying things from the US is not covered for sale. Such as butters/oils would need to be safety and cosmetically tested at your cost to then be able to...
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    Intro to M&P: Worth it?

    I agree with the others, trying different bases is the way to go. To get a feel for the quality and if it's what you like. CP isn't as scary as it sounds and I'm guessing as soon as your wife gets into M&P she'll be dying to give CPing a try too. The way I see M&P is it's a way to be...
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    Adding Butters to MP Base

    You need to check what temp you are adding the butter to the soap base. The soap base wants to be at a cooler temp so the butters will stay suspended through your soap. Same as if you added oatmeal, the cooler the soap the more mixed in it will be otherwise if the soap base is too hot the grains...
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    New! And have a question :)

    Hey, I would try pouring the M&P at a cooler temp and see if that helps :)
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    Diabolical M & P Experiments

    Tabitha is spot on with the curing advice. Just wanted to add that with M&P I only add 1 tablespoon of oil (mixed or on it's own) per LB of M&P maximum! Otherwise it takes away the lather from your soap and will become extremely gloopy.
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    What made you pick your avatar/ username?!

    Hey, My name comes from the book 'Memoirs of a Geisha' and my avatar is because I have a thing for eyes. Not very interesting I know :P
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    Shopping Carts software for your website?

    Hi, My husband designs websites and he says if your website is being designed by Joomla he likes VirtueMart. Otherwise for a good free one he recommends OSCommerce. Hope this helps :)
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    Any help please? Re: Safety Assessments in UK.

    Hi! I still haven't decided quite yet who to use. I'm waiting on the business side of things first, registering as a business and bank stuff. I'll probably be making the choice in the next week or so. I'll definitely make a post on who I used though :)
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    Any help please? Re: Safety Assessments in UK.

    Hi, Thanks for the reply guys :) Emilaid - That's exactly what I found. £150.00 from TheSoapSchool. Apparently they put 13 soap bases and 2000+ extras like fragrances, essential oils, dried petals etc etc etc I think it sounds pretty good and I've emailed them but you are just never...
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    Hi there :)

    Hi! Sorry I haven't had time to reply since now. A bit late but better than never :) I have now finished work totally and have been looking into college or starting my own business in soap making. Recently I've had an offer to invest in me to start this business so I'm getting my act together...
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    Any help please? Re: Safety Assessments in UK.

    Hi there! I've pretty much figured out all the UK legislation on selling soaps etc but I am having big problems in finding a decent company to use for a safety assessment. I have been referred to one company who are a 'consultant' and do all the work for £150.00. They seem very good but you...
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    Hi there :)

    Well I can only oblige! :) This is a picture of Jude from last week, enjoying his first taste of carrot! His daddy got him rather messy. [img=]
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    UK Legislation on soap making & selling!

    Hi, I wondered if anyone could help me with the UK Legislation on Cosmetics and on the making of soaps etc. So far I have gathered that I cannot sell any of my products without them being tested by a chemist but I am struggling to find any details regarding a chemist to actually send them...
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    Hi there :)

    Hi! I am new here and I thought I would say hi! It's nice to find a pretty good forum about soap making as I have many questions lol At the moment I'm on maternity leave after having my amazingly beautiful son Jude in December last year. It is due to end in June and I am planning to stay...