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    KOH and NaOH in shaving soap

    Trying to come up with a recipe but the lye numbers I get with Soapee and the numbers I get doing it by hand are consistently different. Can anyone explain? Is the calculator compensating for the fact that Koh is heavier the Naoh and is that important
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    salt soap cure

    The soap in your salt bars must be really soft if they are that scratchy. Really the salt that is left in there should dissolve before the soap does. The only time I had a scratchy salt bar was when I used a courser soap. All of my salt bars are smooth as silk.
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    salt soap cure

    I didn't notice any drying effects with the six month bar and there is definitely more bubbles and it's a harder bar that lasts longer but that would be the results of any soap that's cure that long. So what im getting here is that there really isn't a difference in what a long cure does for...
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    salt soap cure

    I cure mine a min of six months. It's a little tougher for me to tell the difference between 6 weeks and 6 months because I don't have any skin issues. To me, 6 months isn't much better or worse than 6 weeks because there isn't anything to help on my skin. I have noticed that 6 weeks seemed to...
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    salt soap cure

    Can someone direct me to some literature that actually recommends the long cure for salt bars. I'd like to actual do some research on the subject, so I can talk with customers about it.
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    Goat Milk Soap... Colostrum

    Does anyone up their lye percentage when using goat milk. I notice that while the goat milk/lye solution is sitting waiting for the oils to cool, that the fats in the goat milk saponify. Do you add lye or just let the soap have a high SF %?
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    Bath Bomb questions

    I need to talk to someone who make a lot of bath bombs?
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    Sat bar recipe

    Nobody find 20 % superfat to be a bit high. I really like mine around 10%
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    Palm kernel oil?

    I have the mobile app free version on my iPad. It's always worked fine for every other oil but it's calculations are way off when it comes to PKO flakes
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    Palm kernel oil?

    Found the problem Thanks guys I found out what has been going wrong. I use Soap Calc to run my recipes though and the numbers that Soap Calc put out for Palm Kernel Flakes are way way off. I have the free version and will never use it again. Does anyone else use Soap Calc. Can you tell me if...
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    Soap/Lye Calculators; A guide

    How do you get it? Is it a app?
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    Palm kernel oil?

    Thank everyone! I asked because I used to use PKO all the time about 2 months ago I switched. After a full cure the bars do seem a bit harder but they seem to be significantly softer in the first couple of weeks. When I used to use the PKO I was always able to remove and cut a loaf within 24 to...
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    SMF January Challenge Black and White

    I bought and attempted to use the fish filter activated charcoal and put it in one of those infomercial blenders, it doesn't work. It gets close but you have to mortar and pestle it the rest of the way. It's easier to buy it. But I still use the charcoal in a foot scrub soap with pumice and...
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    Palm kernel oil?

    Both are solid to over 100 degrees but there is a massive difference in the lye calculator aspect of thing Using more than two or three ounces of Palm kernel flakes in 7lb loaf will really throw your lye calculator numbers out of whack. But use Palm kernel oil doesn't it's very close to coconut...
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    Palm kernel oil?

    Can someone explain the actual difference between palm kernel oil and Palm Kernel flakes?
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    Fragrances for Men

    For me Fragrance oil aren't as popular with men, men seem to prefer the essential oils peppermint, patchouli, tea tree, pines, cedars and men seen to be into exfoliants much more then women. But pick are also pickier, the want my bars with a 45 degree chamfer around the whole bars because it's...
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    Fragrances for Men

    My best seller for men are a lavender lime, and Rosemary patchouli peppermint.
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    Sea salt soap.

    Obsidian what do you mean when you say the salt bars are to harsh early in the cure. Where do you feel the difference? How, what, why. I'd just like to understand what the longer cure is doing to the soap that isn't done in the first 6 weeks
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    Scratchy sea salt

    I have family members that pay money to go sit in a salt rooms at a spa in the area. They seem to like it.
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    The streak is over

    I had this happen on a blue and white soap I did before and it ended up looking kinda neat. All the glycerin rivers running thru it