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    My first tallow

    After I render mine, I just strain it and let it harden, it will be great.
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    The word association game

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    Help with recipe

    I've made one batch, 50% lard, 45% Olive oil and 5% Castor oil. It turned out very hard and is extremely moisturizing. Perhaps you could replace the Castor and some of the Olive with 10-15% coconut oil for some cleansing. I Think I may have to try this now.
  4. K

    CP OR HP for Aleppo Soap?

    I'm certainly not an expert, but I believe they use potash instead of sodium hydroxide and in fact boil the soap for days before pouring.
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    The word association game

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    I just made Soap!

    Congrats on your first batch, and as stated, we can't wait to see the cut pics. Now the hard part is waiting four weeks to use it.
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    Another hobby!

    Welcome, I too am guilty of having too many hobbies. I too have become a wet shaver in the last couple of years. I too already have a lifetime supply of shave soaps, and now a lifetime supply of shave soaps made by me. I am also gaining on the lifetime supply of soap for my family and most of...
  8. K

    Made my own mold

    That is a great looking, versatile mold. I've made a few for myself, but nothing with dividers for test batches, thanks for the idea.
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    The Swede

    Welcome Sara :)
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    What is everyone up to today?

    Today, I am getting ready to go to my sons high school graduation, where did the time go?
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    The word association game

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    Another weekend batch

    I've just recently started using shea butter and it's going to be hard to wait 3 more weeks to try it out. Your recipe looks great to me.
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    My Latest

    Oh that was simple, I planned it that way...joking. I hadn't noticed that, I kinda wish I would have sliced it to feature that now, now I've challenged myself to recreate it haha.
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    My Latest

    Its from Brambleberry
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    My Latest

    It definitely makes things challenging. I don't understand how green can come from purple. It would be different if it was too light or too dark, but a complete different color challenges my simple mind.
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    The word association game

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    My Latest

    And the loaves before they were sliced The camo soap was the first trial of my new tall skinny 4" mold that I made. A little to much batter made for an oversize loaf. These were also my first CPOP, I thought I would give it a try to insure gelling.