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  1. Barbara AL

    Soap will not stay liquid

    Yes you need more distilled water add like 3 ounces at a time not too much.
  2. Barbara AL

    Coloring LS

    I use celestial colors
  3. Barbara AL

    Soap newbie question

    You can use Brambleberry just put in 48 ounces of oils. Soapcalc 9 I am just used too.
  4. Barbara AL

    Soap newbie question

    That looks great you should be so proud of yourself!! Good job! Love the color.
  5. Barbara AL

    Soap newbie question

    I don't use Bramblebery's calculator. I added up your oils and you have 32 ounces of oils that is 2 lbs you need 48 ounces of oils for 3 pounds. I don't count water amount and weight for my mold. try calculation in Soapcalc 9 and put in 48 ounces of oils and use your percentages in your recipe.
  6. Barbara AL

    Activated charcoal or black oxide

    I prefer Charcoal I get a light color in bubbles oxide tends to bleed darker color for me.
  7. Barbara AL

    salt with pine or neem?

    Let them cure 8 weeks and than try them I think you will like them better. I make saltbars with Dead Sea Mud and Charcoal love them I super fat at 15%
  8. Barbara AL

    Burn tests

    Could be possible that the supplier got the sizes mixed up since they are so close in diameter and size.
  9. Barbara AL

    Burn tests

    Don't judge a candle on the first second or third burn burn it all the way down to 1/2 inch wax left in the jar and than decide which one is the better.
  10. Barbara AL

    I wanna soap!!

    I use Haan Sea salt from Walmart the one without the iodine.
  11. Barbara AL

    Best Red (crimson)

    merlot Mica from Brambleberry gorgeous Crimson color.
  12. Barbara AL

    advice please for my formula

    My favorite wax it from Rustic Escentuals it is the Parasoy wax for Tarts KY Candles supply used to carry it until they sold out their business to RE.
  13. Barbara AL

    plastic cups for pouring tarts

    polyethylene is plastic it will draw the scent out use Polypropylene or Cello bags. The containers you have should have a number 5 on the bottom of the cup with a triangle around it.
  14. Barbara AL

    Need tips for horizontal cut

    Polly my DH made this single cutter for me he got the idea from a cutter on a website called Cumberland Acoustics a Guitar shop in Tennessee they sell this single cutter for $175.00 DH made it for around $45 the cutter is huge like 20 inches long and 12 inches wide...
  15. Barbara AL

    Need tips for horizontal cut

    Here you go!! You cut off 2 1/2 inch sections and turn the soap on its side and cut in half. here is my video. My middle color didn't get all the way to the bottom.
  16. Barbara AL

    Classic Soaps-recipe help plz

    KY's Ocean Mist now at Rustic Escentuals smells like Coast.
  17. Barbara AL

    What fragrance screams football to you?

    Grass and Dirt maybe a Fresh Air scent.
  18. Barbara AL

    Dead Sea Mud Soap

    I also add 1 tablespoon of Dead Sea Mud per lb of oils along with 1 teaspoon of kelp for my soap.
  19. Barbara AL

    powdered goat's milk

    I add my powder at the end I make a slurry with about 1 ounce of water and work it in at the end of the cook.
  20. Barbara AL

    A little help if u don't mind please?

    You will find the info at the bottom right corner of your Summerbee Meadows sheet. Darn my pic is sideways with my iPad.