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    Micas and Oxides for CP Soap

    hehe. Ferric Ferrocyanide. :D I have the Blue Kamikaze mica from Conservatorie that has this ingredient and it stays a nice blue for me in CP!
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    Salt and oil fit in mold?

    Really great job! They look fantastic and I bet they smell lovely.
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    Light box for soap photos

    Does any one have a store bought light box they would recommend for taking pretty pictures of their soap? I would like one that maybe has a light with it too but nothing too fancy. Anyone LOVE theirs (or hate theirs) and have suggestions? I have only looked on Amazon so far and see lots of...
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    My first soap!

    Very nice! It looks so creamy and inviting!
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    What's your favorite type of scent?

    I like fruits and vanillas, and then "spa" or "aromatherapy" type scents.
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    Hot Process_Flaking Skin

    I gotta disagree with this part, at least from my own experience, as it has happened to me several times over the years. Uncured soap is the worst thing (next to lye heavy soap) on my skin. I am rather sensitive and uncured soap has caused my skin to become dry, flaky, and raw. This was a hard...
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    WSSP Flash Sale 2/20

    the water content of what?
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    Your favorite supplier

    They are amber glass bottles... I am consistently happy with the quality of the FO's I buy there, that's why I keep going back. The prices can vary quite a bit between FO's, but this is just a hobby for me so I don't mind spending a little extra on some from time to time, but try to stick in the...
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    Your favorite supplier

    I actually really love WSP (I know... I know) and got some really great FO's from Daystar recently, my first time using them.
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    Will these sell?

    I would buy a scrubbie if I saw them on sale at a soaper's booth (as long as it felt like a quick drying item). Those are really neat.
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    new here

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    Would this work for color?

    Yeah, unfortunate :( That is such a pretty color of purple!
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    Body Odor Still Remains

    I'm sorry but this has never happened to me in my entire life, and also does not account for why her soap didn't lather. OP, please buy a better base and be assured that there is probably nothing physically wrong with you.
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    Pomegranate in Olive Oil

    The pomegranate on its own won't keep any scent... adding the FO sounds like an excellent idea. Can't wait to see your pictures! :)
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    Fragrance Oil vs. Temperature

    It's a longstanding point of confusion... Vanessa is correct. LuvOurNewf, I soap very warm and do not have problems with fragrance sticking most of the time - if I do, it may be that I didn't use enough of that particular fragrance, or sometimes it's just a fader (as coconut scents often are...
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    I'm bummed

    Sorry - but at least you have something to look forward to! :)
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    Body Odor Still Remains

    It sounds like just a low quality base... the ones at any reputable supplier will be much better. Wholesale Supplies Plus and Bramble Berry are great suppliers.
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    Can I use cow's Milk Butter in soap?

    Not cow's milk butter. It goes rancid and smells awful from what I have read. You can use milk or yogurt if you like, including greek yogurt.
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    Barley Wine - Beware!

    If you add the lye slowly while stirring that should help with the volcano effect! That essential oil combo sounds divine.
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    Do you know them?

    I have not heard of them! Genny is right, they are making a lot of claims.