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    Lye Dust Concerns

    I recently had a lye crystal bounce in very cold weather here in NY. I thought I had gotten it all only to notice a few days later that it hit my hardwood floors now they are stained like freckles any advice here?
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    Make Your Own Naturally Balanced Shampoo Bars

    I purchased this book about a year or so ago and have never made a recipe in it. I prefer Susan's recipes.
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    Butter EZ

    Hi, was there a verdict on this product and a group buy?
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    Help! Need Nag Champa!

    Nag Champa Yes, NDA's Nag Champa holds like a champ in cold process but discolors. Its outstanding in body care products and very strong. I also use Lebermuths Nag Champa bought from Bulk Apothecary. Smells different but I do like it. Who is Carolyn and where can I find her Nag Champa?
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    Help! Need Nag Champa!

    Nag Champa I live in the land of Nag Champa incense burning - Woodstock NY, so the closest I've found is from New Directions Aromatics. I also purchased one from Bulk Apothecary and again from Lebermuth (Lebermuth supplies BA). So my go to is NDA. I intend to purchase again so I cannot tell...
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    Question about Save On Scents FOs

    I've used their fragrances at the basic level (forgot the name) and most have held up well over a year or more. I also used them in lotions and same thing. I do however buy the sniffies first as they are notorious for sending samples that smell nothing like they intended (bad dupes or bad...
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    Scents you are looking for

    Lebermuth sells a good Egyptian Musk but in soap it seizes. It's terrific in lotion, scrubs and oils. Bulk apothecary carries the same one too.
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    Indolic fragrances

    Indolic Jasmine notes are my "thing" - in fact it's how I got my start in perfume r&d with the Gorgeous heady indolic Jasmine perfume "Alfred Sung". How is that soap smelling? I'm definitely going to try that Fo.
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    Mad Oils Stopping Selling Small Sizes

    Or, do as MO's did and create your own FB group page using your biz name and Buzz or something. I personally contacted every FO vendor that I use and asked for dupes of the MO FO's that I use. The only one to get back to me with possible dupes in their lineup was BB. Start your own...
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    Help ID supplier from label info...Nature's Garden?

    The main perfume supplier are International Flavors and Fragrances, Firmenich, Takasago, Givaudan, many others etc. these companies then supply to distributors.
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    Cost increase of olive oil at Sam's Club

    15.98 at Sam's in New York
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    MMS favorites?

    some of my favorites from them Vanilla Hazelnut- subtle, discolors to brown, very light and after 3 years my bars still smell lovely-my daughters favorite Myrrh Frankincense= I blend with Myrrh
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    Are there any FO group buy places? OR is this not done?

    try Fragrance and on FB I just did a pre-buy with them for the Christmas scents. I don't know how often they are but the fragrances were good. What is name of the other groups you deal with? I like Micas and More very much.
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    steep water discount 2% SF

    Thank you everyone. Yes I did make this. I typically do 5% sf. I guess I have a lot more to learn about the water lye ratios. I have such a hard time with using SM3 and what Soapcalc recommends.
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    steep water discount 2% SF

    olive 24.75 oz coconut 9.00 oz shea butter 4.50 oz cocoa butter 4.50 oz castor 2.25 oz lye 6.38 oz water 12.76 oz I punched this recipe into my SM3 again as a new recipe and that's how I spotted the difference. also used...
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    steep water discount 2% SF

    Just discovered a mistake in a recipe...It has a steep water discount and the Superfat is 2%. the lye to water is still at about 2:1. question is will this bar be really drying when cured? I am so mad for not triple checking