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    do you make scents that you really cant stand?

    agreed on this one. bought it and soaped it, gave the entire loaf away. couldn't stand it. i also can't stand Fresh Ginger from NG. love lavender EO, straight, blended with patchouli, whatever, but haven't found a decent FO yet that does the EO justice. any thoughts?
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    Oils By Nature

    darn. their website says something about reevaluating their business model. when i saw the logo changed to oils direct i thought there was hope. best of luck to them.
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    Oils By Nature

    Anyone know what's up with Oils By Nature? Used to love ordering from them, great prices and reasonable quantities for what I use. I saw they changed their name to Oils Direct, but does anyone have the inside scoop?
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    Help with increasing bubbly lather

    it's been said before, but soapcalc is a loose guide. the best lather i have gotten from bars has been from relentless experimentation. i've settled on a recipe that based on soapcalc is low on cleansing and barely on the charts for lather. but in combination with my other ingredients, it...
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    source for good quality shaving brushes?

    i don't know about wholesaling, but i buy my brushes at whole foods or HEB. they have some decent quality, relatively inexpensive brushes. if you want real quality, you'll have to go with badger hair. read up on the art of shaving at badger and blade. they may even have some links to...
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    Sandalwood Soap

    as has been said, sandalwood EO is way to expensive to be tossing in CP soap. try a FO or a blended EO that has small amounts of sandalwood and the same overall smell. i love my sandalwood FOs though, they seem to have gotten pretty good at duplicating the scent.
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    Are baby soaps 'tear' free?

    i use pure castile (olive oil, water, lye, with a 7% superfat) CP soap on my baby, who is now 1. it doesn't provide much lather, but it gets him clean, keeps his skin super soft, and doesn't seem to bother him. i am VERY careful with his eyes. i have also used a 100% OO liquid soap gel that...
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    I feel so ignorant. . .

    lick your soap. if it zaps like a 9V battery, it's alkaline (lye heavy) and needs to either cure longer or be rebatched, depending on how off the calculations were.
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    hop infused soap?

    i make a lavender and hops bar that uses finely ground hops pellets (Amarillo) and lavender buds as scrubbies. they do end up pretty scrubby, but the aroma is deep and relaxing.
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    Goats milk

    nothing spoiled works well in soap.
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    Diluting liquid castile soap. Can it be done?

    when i do liquid castile, i have to dilute down to about 15%... i add in a few ounces at a time, stir, and let sit for days, just like carebear. it probably takes me about a week to make to perfection.
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    mild soap for eczema..

    IMHO nothing better than good ole pure castile soap (pure olive oil) with a decent superfat for eczema.
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    Palm-free vegetable glycerin

    hi starla, you don't really make soap with glycerin, rather it is a by-product of real soap. it is extracted from commercial soaps and sold for various purposes. but if you want to make soap, you should read up about the various processes. melt & pour may be what you're referring to, but...
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    Looking for a list of oils that tells me...

    i don't know of any comprehensive list offhand, but you should be able to research individual oils with relative ease. i would say take your list of preferred oils and start googling them individually and see what you can find on their sourcing, processing, shipping, etc. maybe add the word...
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    also just a few more thoughts. if it's going on your baby's skin, you shouldn't use a fragrance or essential oil. olive oil makes arguably the most gentle bar and liquid soap. i love my pure olive oil soaps and so far they have been great for my baby's skin. it's also incredibly easy to...
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    for my baby i just make pure olive oil liquid soap and dilute it significantly, then soak my wipes in the solution and stick it in the wipe warmer (which has been amazing to have). never heard of the cube approach!
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    Discoloration and sweating in organic soap after curing.

    in order to give helpful information, people are probably going to need some, if not all, of the following: recipes storage methods fo vs eo weather conditions in your region soaping temps any details can help the experts nail down the cause.
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    Where Can I Find a Hands-On Cold Process Soap Making Class?

    speaking of OBN, when are they going to get back up and running? i used to love ordering from them but their site has been down since may. hope they make it back up soon.
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    Spices as Colorants...Scent?

    nary an herb will retain their scent after contact with the lye. lye eats all.
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    Your Opinion on my website

    you asked for feedback, so here ya go! first off, divine country soap is the website, but there is no other mention of it of it on your site. could be a bit of a disconnect with your actual business name, bella skin. the photos at the top look more like what you'd find on a petri dish...