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    Dust/pets, air purifier?

    Thanks LenaRenee, he is the sweetest thing in the world. People wanna sneek him home with them. Don't let his chilly appearance deceive you, he uses it to his advantage! Are you only referring to EO and not citric acid? And when you say diffuse, do you mean spray, like an air freshener? I am...
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    Dust/pets, air purifier?

    This got redirected, but I am not sure why as it is directly related to bath bomb making and the ingredients that they pertain. Is general chat really the appropriate place, especially when most people may not have an interest in bombs and the dust they create, or how to deal with it? Bit of...
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    stuff for the troops abroad - ideas?

    baby wipes, baby wipes, baby wipes, baby wipes, baby wipes, baby wipes! a million different uses and almost as valuable as currency.
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    Dust/pets, air purifier?

    Hi. FIRST POST HERE! I tried this on a less popular forum and no one has even looked at it, so I found y'all! I haven't seen this topic as I glanced through some posts. I have one concern (as of now). The airborne dust from bomb/bubble bar making. I am not so much worried about myself as...