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    Selling Soap Making Supplies

    You could also consider a M&P kit for the super beginners. And to reiterate a previous post - I want to make cheese!
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    Sabon soap

    I had to go look at the website too, and they have "guest" soaps that are listed as 4.8 oz, for $7.00. Also a bunch of "glycerine" soaps that look like MP. Very strange.
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    SAVED extra lip balm stuff...Need HELP with recipe :(

    The best lip balm I've made did not include castor or candelilla wax, but did include shea butter and lanolin. It's firm in the tube, but very slippy and glidey on the lips, and my testers rave that it's the best one they've ever used. I know candelilla is harder than beeswax, and if you were...
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    Does anyone get a birch box or glambag?

    My box hasn't arrived yet but it shows on the website what is in it, and I'm getting the eyeliner, but no idea what color it's going to be! The only makeup I use is on my eyes, so that's good, but I'm also getting a couple of skin care products, which I'll end up giving away because I make my...
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    Does anyone get a birch box or glambag?

    I've been a Birchbox subscriber for about 9 months now, and at first I loved it, and thought it was really fun. Lately, though, I've been thinking about cancelling. I don't wear a lot of makeup, and since I've started soaping and making a lot of my own skin care products I'm getting more and...
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    Homemade double boiler?

    Yep, my melting pot is totally in the water, just not touching the bottom of the saucepan. I also make sure that if I'm only doing a small amount of wax, that the water level isn't higher than the level of wax in the melting pot. Too much water and the melting pot wants to float - not very...
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    Homemade double boiler?

    I have a little round steaming rack from my rice cooker that I don't use, so I just put that in the bottom of my saucepan, put in water, and put my melting pot on the little rack so it doesn't rest on the very bottom of the saucepan. I got the saucepan for a few bucks at Goodwill, so I don't...
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    WooHoo! My dog soap's name is now a registered trademark!

    Congratulations! When I first read the title of the thread, I thought you said your DOG's name was now a trademark! :lol:
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    Sleeping Issues

    My nephew was diagnosed with sleep apnea a year ago, got a cpap machine, and it literally changed his life. He has a young wife and two little kiddos, a steady job, good house, life was grand, and he was feeling suicidal. Turns out he wasn't depressed. He's been functioning with serious...
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    Lather Soap Co.

    When looking at the individual item descriptions, I see this note: For every olive oil soap sold, LATHER will donate the equivalent of five bars of soap to Clean The World, a non-profit organization that recycles and distributes soap around the world to people in need. Nice!
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    1st time making CP soap...mixed at wrong temp. Help?

    I'm confused. She says it's mashed potatoes consistency but is trying to get it to trace. Isn't it already past that? I realze now it's been a couple of days since her post. It should already be soap now, right?
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    Well, its about that time again...

    I agree with talking to a tax accountant. I am NOT a tax accountant but I work in wholesale in California. I have some customers that have provided me with a California Resale Certificate certifying that they are buying my products wholesale and either reselling them directly or using them to...
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    Soap won't set.

    I haven't tried to calculate your recipe, but it looks like some items are being measured by weight and some by volume. All oils, lye, and liquid should be measured by weight.
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    Yes, you got it now! :D castile is a type of soap that is all olive oil with no other oils. It can be made using the cp process. Edited: debbism beat me to it! I wouldn't set your soaps to cure on a cookie sheet. You want to avoid metal.
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    soap mold liner?

    I do something similar to this, using the thin flexible plastic cutting mats found in the kitchen section at walmart. I have to tape the corners each time, but it still much quicker than cutting freezer paper, and the sides and bottom of the soap come out much smoother.
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    lip balm how to?

    MMS also has instructions and ton of recipes: ... play&id=19
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    Door to Door Sales

    Not counting the safety factor, soap is HEAVY! How much could you carry around with you, and how? Backpack? Briefcase? It just doesn't seem practical to me.
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    Update on Snowdrift Farm

    Thanks for the update! Darn it, I ordered 3 beurres, and two essential oils. If they cancelled the beurres and I'm only getting the two oils, I wonder if the shipping is going to end up making it not worth it. Unfortunately, since they didn't send any shipping notices, I have no way to tell...
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    Coffee grounds in soap & their effect on pH

    Thanks for the info - it makes for interesting reading. I personally don't use very many exfoliants, except for a kitchen soap - sometimes i need a little scrubby on my hands. I'll use a scrub on my feet, and occasionally elbows and knees, but that's about it. On my face, if I really feel a...