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    Fun with Pringle cans, coloring soap

    No, nothing at all with HPCP soap. Just scrape it off.
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    1st batch of goats milk CPHP was a disaster !!! darn it!!

    I have posted a tutorial for crock pot HP soap on my web site. I use the WARM setting on the crock and get no volcano at all. I cook the soap on warm 2 hours. I add goatmilk when my soap is done cooking. Here is the url to my tutorial. If you have any questions, email or call me...
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    Will cucumber puree turn brown?

    I use cucumber puree with my crockpot soap 2 different ways. 1. I sub water with cucumber for the lye solution and it turns brown. 2. I add the puree after saponification and it's light green. I made these soaps last summer with fresh cuc's from my garden and I'm saving one bar of each...
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    First Step

    Hi Blue Hill, mind if I ask what you used for the cinnamon? Was it an EO or FO? Did you use cinnamon powder? Brenda
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    I'm sun burnt!!

    The American Cancer website recommends just plain milk asap to help replace the proteins burnt out of your skin and cool the burn. I tried it and it works. I put milk in a bowl, took an old hand towel, got it soaked with milk and carefully applied it on my burnt skin. It was dipping a little so...
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    Fun with Pringle cans, coloring soap

    Coming from all you experienced and professional soap makers, I am soaking up all the compliments! Just don't give me a big head! Thanks everybody!
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    Way to make soap stick?

    I have been thinking about this to. But I do HP and noticed if the soap cools off to much or is to thick when you pour, it don't even stick to it's self!
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    Soap/Lye Calculators; A guide

    Does anyone know if there is a soap calc designed for HP soap making? So far all the calcs seem to be for CP for the lye/water ratoi. I usually take the lye amount recommended and round it off to the nearest .50. Take that number x 4 and that will be my water amount to mix the lye...
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    Fun with Pringle cans, coloring soap

    Carebear, thats it! You said it real simple. I add a lot of water with HP. The soap takes a couple weeks to firm up. I'm not sure yet how much shrinkage I'm going to have with these round bars. I made them Tuesday, the 30th. They weighed 3.80 after cutting. Just weighed one right now and...
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    Fun with Pringle cans, coloring soap

    The recipe I used is listed on my web site with a tutorial. I used this same recipe but added natural colorants mixed with avocado oil instead of cream for super fatting. You'll notice in this recipe the water amount is 16 oz water to 4.10 oz lye and 30 oz oils. That is no typo. If you read all...
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    Fun with Pringle cans, coloring soap

    Yes, the dowel is in the paper towel tube. It's held so the disk is right at the top of the soap. You have to pull that tube up all the way out of the can so the dowel should be longer than the tube.
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    Fun with Pringle cans, coloring soap

    Sorry for the cross post. I had posted this info on another forum. Here is an idea I had to color HP soap. I think this method would work for CP as well. I took an empty can from Pringles Potato chips and cut a circle out of the lid. I use a tube from an empty roll of paper towel as my guide...
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    Adding yogurt to soap. . .

    That awful ammonia smell is gone now and the soap IS so awesome! You guy's were right, the smell will disappear within about a week. I also used heavy whipping cream in a batch yesterday, in HP soap, I added the cream after cooking, also put silk fibers in the lye solution. I love the...
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    idea for soap drying trays, commercial plastic bread trays

    Thanks Dagmar, I think my trays got adopted. But checking your local wholesaler is a really good idea.
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    Adding yogurt to soap. . .

    I do the HP method for soap making. I wanted to try yogurt soap. I put a heaping table spoon in with my oils and cooked. I could detect a faint ammonia smell while cooking. After the cook I added 2 more heaping table spoons I also added some fragrance. I let the soap cool and when I went to cut...
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    idea for soap drying trays, commercial plastic bread trays

    Re: Are they still available? A couple people inquired but I still have them. First come first serve. We figured the cost to ship to Cal. for someone was about 26.00 ground. If you're interested I can be reached at [email protected]
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    Another flub, well my first time trying a "whipped soap" recipe I found on which was quoted from another web site from over seas. They were right, the soap is sticky. Didn't come out of the mold very good. I froze some thinking they might pop out better. No such luck. The soap looks...
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    idea for soap drying trays, commercial plastic bread trays

    Oh yeah! This would work puurfect! If any one would like them, I'll take a bar of soap and shipping cost UPS for 20 pounds from zip code 54414.
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    idea for soap drying trays, commercial plastic bread trays

    I do not need these trays, if anyone is interested, contact me. I found these plastic bread trays in an old barn to be torn down, where a guy stored "everything" he collected in his entire life! Ohhh the goodies! Wouldn't they be perfect for drying CP soap? They stack nicely...
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    Adding yogurt to soap. . .

    I am curious about adding produce in soap. I have cucumber and lettuce soaps already, no problem so far but I am worried that eventually the soap will get moldy. Has anyone ever had this happen when using produce?