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  1. Galaxy Girl

    What do you do with all your soap?

    I've only been doing this for about a month and half, but have now got an overflowing rack of different batches. I've given 2 batches away already. Making a couple of batches a weekend is going to add up, but I just can't stop. Nobody warned me it would be this addictive. I think I...
  2. Galaxy Girl

    Soap Pot Weekend June 28 & 29

    Oh you poor thing.
  3. Galaxy Girl

    How can I color my soap?

    So far I've used tumeric, which comes up a lovely orange colour. Also pink clay, which comes out peach coloured. Green Tea infusion instead of just plain water and fruit teas which colour nice pastel tones.
  4. Galaxy Girl

    Soap Pot Weekend June 28 & 29

    made what looks like spam coloured shaving soap, with silk in yesterday, and about to make another batch now. Also want to make a green clay one this afternoon. Interesting about the foam, I might try that, I don't like the texture I get on the outside of mine sometimes.
  5. Galaxy Girl

    Help, what's wrong with this

    is it un-eaten Lye? Forgive the spam look of the soap, it started out a lovely peach colour. There is some marbeling, but I used silk, and I think that's what is causing the marble. Still really concerned about the glupy bit though.
  6. Galaxy Girl

    Mixing colors?

    I used a strong green leaf tea infusion the other day for my lye, which went like milk chocolate. You could try a really tiny bit of green leaf tea to just tinge the lye water see if that goes ok. Also vanilla EO can I believe tint a light tan.
  7. Galaxy Girl

    Suppliers around the world. in the UK for oils, butters, EO's etc. in the UK for the same and FO's for FO's for oils, colours, FO, EO etc. Denny Craft Moulds too in the UK, who are great, can't remember the link, but it can be found on my blog...
  8. Galaxy Girl

    My 5th batch - flirting with colour

    thanks. Considering it's only my 5th ever batch, 1st with colour, I was really pleased with it. The mould is from a company here in the UK called Denny's and it is I think called a pyramid slab. Kay
  9. Galaxy Girl

    My 5th batch - flirting with colour

    used Tumeric for colour, and also Pecan Carmel Mousse Cake FO, which nobody in the house was keen on in the bottle, but are all loving this morning in the cut bars. Don't think the edges of the larger bits had stopped gelling though.
  10. Galaxy Girl


    Hi Lynne, I'm from the UK too, and I use a plastic mixing jug that is capable of dealing with boiling water. I got it from Robert Dyas, which is chain of kitchen/gardening shops (I think they are pretty much all over the country). I just tested it out with boiling water quite a few times...
  11. Galaxy Girl

    I made an awesome Hempseed soap

    that must be so annoying, to find a lovely bar, and then not the ingredients. I'm new to this addiction, but am making sure that I document each batch (with notes) on my blog, right after I do it. Fingers crossed I won't forget something, and your post will stay in my mind so I don't slack...
  12. Galaxy Girl


    It's very graphic and modern. Kay
  13. Galaxy Girl

    Hello from the UK

    my name is Kym, but all my friends call me Kay. I'm an avid crafter, and have recently started to dabble in CP Soap Making - acutually, it's proving to be addictive. I have three kids (1 x 19, 1 x 10 + 1 x husband), and live in rural Kent in the UK. By day I'm a mild mannered bank...