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    Food grade lye vs technical lye

    Yeah the easiest way would be to discover the manufacture that makes it with the method you approve, and ask who thier distributors are. That is how I trace anything I am looking for. I always tend to go to the head of the source. Knowing tinkle down info can be tainted. Everyone wants to make a...
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    Food grade lye vs technical lye

    Well basically in reference to the concern about the differences between food grade and industrial lye's ,and their purposed safety. What I discovered above, is yes not all lye is created equal. And viewing the different methods of processing commercial lye's from salts. It is obvious the...
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    Food grade lye vs technical lye

    Not according to this website Production. Almost commercial potassium hydroxide is manufactured by electrolysis of aqueous solution of potassium chloride KCl or potassium carbonate K2CO3: 2KCl + 2H2O → 2KOH + Cl2↑ + H2↑ There are three...
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    Food grade lye vs technical lye

    There are three methods that commerical lye is made through eletrolosis of salts Mercury cell process (also called the Castner-Kellner process); sodium ions are reduced to sodium metal, which forms an amalgam with a mercury cathode; this sodium is then reacted with water to produce NaOH...
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    Going to make soap for the first time EVORRRRRrrrrrrr

    Where did you get the neem oil from?