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    For the life of me...

    I have the same problem! I've read that palm kernel oil makes a pure white bar. I've never used it though...been thinking about getting some PKO when my reg palm runs out. You do have a great swirl there! Pepper, those are beautiful!
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    Recent Experiments

    I love your swirls and colors :)
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    Purple in the pot swirl

    Very pretty!!!
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    Storage Wars

    LOL...our family watches too! And we do NOT like Dave!!! I hope in real life he's a much nicer guy....
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    Lavender-Lemon Cupcakes

    Very nice! I love the colors too!
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    Holiday ideas

    Those are really cool!
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    Just made my last batch of soap for a while.

    I hope that you will still be able to make a batch once in a while :)
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    strange swirls

    Nice swirls!!! I really like the Sweet Grass :)
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    Brambleberry 9 bar Slab Mold - I love it. *updated-cut pics*

    Love your colors! I just got this mold too, I hope to make a batch in it tomorrow :)
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    8 colour swirl :O *cut pics added*

    Looks awesome, can't wait to see pics :)
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    Nag Champa

    I've soap a lot of Nag too. I just let it turn to it's nice light brown color. People seem to love it here too! I know I do :)
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    Prices? buying oils?

    I get mine from Costco. Little over 10 pds. for about $18- I also order from Soapers Choice.
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    Tried a new FO today...Jamaican Me Crazy

    Thank you :) So far, I like the smell. We'll see after it cures...
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    Hoping for the best from Natures Garden

    I've tried OMH and did NOT like it. Also tried Butt Naked...and it's one of my favorites. And I got Asian Sandlewood, also liked it. I've used lots of FOs from NG, but not very many from other suppliers. So, I don't have much to compare.
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    Tried a new FO today...Jamaican Me Crazy seemed like the oils almost separated. I had the oils/water nicely blended before I added the FO. I had to SB for quite a while before I got a light trace. I was like "oh crap"...but, it finally mixed back together. My FO was from NG.
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    Tried a new FO today...Jamaican Me Crazy

    Front side... Back side... I tried swirling with a coat's interesting... And I'm finding out there is a learning curve with Select Shades...
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    Searching for wooden mold with dividers....

    I want the BB divided 9 bar mold...but, they keep saying it's out of stock... Is there any other company that sells a similar one? I want a wood one with dividers. TIA![/u]
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    What i've been doing...

    Very cool! I like the bright colors!