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  1. Teri Collins

    Lye & Oil

    I've been wondering...go figure...:-) if the oil is eat'n up by the lye when mixed...does the oil used as your base oil become, how do I put it...a non issue...If I use a cheap oil as my base & save my High grade Olive oil as part of my superfat I have to include that base oil in my...
  2. Teri Collins

    Fresh vs Evap Goat Milk

    Hello everyone: I was getting ready to make a new batch of soap & was just wondering now that I have both fresh & evap goats there a difference in the consistency between the two in a recipe that calls for one or the other...? In other words...can I sub-statue fresh for evap or...
  3. Teri Collins

    How much do you spend on packaging/labels?

    I just finished reading a book by Marie Gale titled Soap & Cosmetic Labeling....what an eye opener of labeling my soap....The do's & don't's on labeling....I never would have thought there was so much to it... Good luck!!!
  4. Teri Collins

    Finally in my soap lab

    Love Love Love it....great organization...I should be so lucky to have what you got....I have a shop that I have to run on a generator away from the main house...I sharpen clipper blades as well & my husband caters which he now has taken over part of my 12' x 16' she shed.... :-P Gotta work...
  5. Teri Collins

    How much do you spend on packaging/labels?

    I use parchment paper, run landscape bands on the computer, cut 4 bands per sheet, run yarn through punched holes & tie it off..probably about .03 cents per bar, maybe. My yarn is from WalMart and is a 500 yard skein with 4 strands, I separate it & now I have 1000 yards of yarn. Really cheap..
  6. Teri Collins

    Hand Writing on Labels?

    Use a heart shaped hole punch & run your ribbon tie through the hole .... I use earth tone yarn to tie tags on ...
  7. Teri Collins

    0.1 digital scale recommendations

    I just got my new scale in the other's the specs on it from Amazon $56.55 & Precision Weight 5g 10g 20g 50g 100g Grams Steel Chrome 200g Calibration Scale Weight Kit Set $7.99 ...I didn't think that was to expensive... Percentage weighing function; great for baking and soap making...
  8. Teri Collins

    Good source for loofah sponges?

    I tried to shred one of mine...they don't shred very easy....any ideas?
  9. Teri Collins

    Goats Milk Dog Soap Recipe

    Hello: I've been making goats milk soap for a VERY short maybe 2 months... :-P ... I was wondering if using that recipe would be ok for my dog...I don't know what EO's are safe for dogs & how much of it to use...Is there a simple goats milk dog soap recipe that anyone could...
  10. Teri Collins

    Solidified Olive Oil

    Great...thanks for the reply...:-)
  11. Teri Collins


    I wonder if you would be able to use those hydrating crystals used for drying flowers to keep the moisture out of the soap while in the shipping box...I've used those before to keep moisture out of our gun safes...or you might fined them in small bags pre made....Just a thought!!! :-) good luck
  12. Teri Collins

    Solidified Olive Oil

    Hello: I've been using Olive Oil Pomace in our recipes...So far great no problems...My question is...I have a 5 gallon container of Pomace that was left in the garage & with the cold weather is solidified...IF I get the oil to liquid form again, will it still be good to use in our soap recipes?...
  13. Teri Collins

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Well....I'm waiting for the very first 5 batches of soap to cure...My grand daughter has dwarf goats & she wanted to make goat she's not been bred yet so we can milk her, we use evaporated goats milk...anyone here familiar with making goats milk...?...I've noticed a more...
  14. Teri Collins


    With all these great your expert opinion...which fragrances do you recommend...I use the ones from I think it's called Garden of Eden...It works....Vitality....As for the fragrances only...which ones are the best...?...Thank you... Hello; I have a very large metal filing cabinet...
  15. Teri Collins


    Hello everyone....I've had 5 batches of soap curing for about 2.5 weeks now....I've noticed that they all smell the same...I've got Lavender, Sandlewood, Peppermint, Frankincense & a blend of three other oils in one bar...Is this normal or am I just imagining it...? :)
  16. Teri Collins

    New here from California

    Thank you to all that have responded...I guess you just can't believe everything you read or hear on the web... I truly believe there's nothing better than time to cure all, in anything we do in life...Soap is just another venture for me...Thanks again..! Thank you do I make...
  17. Teri Collins

    New here from California

    Welcome...I'm a newbie as well and have been researching the use of Sodium Lactate to help in the curing process...I hope we both get the help we're looking for...I have a feeling that won't be a problem...I've really enjoyed reading the posts here...Good luck ! Teri