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  1. Z

    New FO's

    I was pretty happy with my order from SOS :) enjoy!
  2. Z

    I am a little sad - PICTURES ADDED!

    Definitely cross your fingers, it may just work out, but rework your recipe into weight if you can for next time.
  3. Z

    Castor oil use?

    When I use Castor, I use 5% and add it with all my oils. The soap is smooth and lathers beautifully.
  4. Z


    The colder the water the better...sometimes I thrown in an ice cube or two.
  5. Z


    I use tap water with no issues.
  6. Z

    Oils that make a hard soap

    You can also use olive oil. Soapcalc indicates that olive oil makes a soft bar but with a longer curing period I get bars that are like bricks.
  7. Z

    Adding chocolate to soap?

    Tooth soap is soap that you use for brushing your teeth...I am not fond of it but some people swear by it.
  8. Z

    CPOP Question - When is it ready to sell?

    CPOP is CP with the heat added to guarantee a does not accelerate the curing time. It still takes a minimum of 4 weeks for CPOP to be ready...HP will be your safest bet.
  9. Z

    New soaper from TN

    Hello :)
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    Hello :)
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    Just saying Hi!

    Hello :)
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    They all look great :)
  13. Z

    Liquid Soap anyone?

    Don't do anymore than 40 % coconut oil if you would like a thicker soap. I thicken with borax, but that doesn't work if there is way too much coconut oil.
  14. Z

    Difference between Dove and my soap?

    Keep in mind that Dove bars are synthetic detergents, they are not made from real soap, which explains why they rinse off so easily.
  15. Z

    Bakery scents.... love 'em or hate 'em?

    Bakery scents are the best!! I love them :)
  16. Z

    Stick Blender! Hallelujah!

    Stick blenders are the best :) congrats!
  17. Z

    where to buy FO/EO's in Canada?

    Canwax, Soapcraft, Oshun, Soap and More, and Aquarius are some that I can think of at the top of my head... google "Soapmaking Supplies in Canada", you should get a few good hits.
  18. Z

    Hello from Texas! I just made my first batch!

    That is very nice :)
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    upside down pelham

    Hi :)
  20. Z

    What size are your bars?

    Mine are about 3.5 x 2.5 x 1.25...of course they end up shrinking a bit after the cure...