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    Issues with my body lotion recipe

    sbfarm>>> NataPres, this one sounds like an interesting and more 'natural' option and it says will not impart any additional color or odors to your formulation. Thank you for this recommendation, I had never heard of this preservative before. :idea: My question will be if the shelf life is...
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    Issues with my body lotion recipe

    lsg>> thank you for your recommendation. I will definitely give it a try. :-)
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    Issues with my body lotion recipe

    Hi all!! I need help with my body lotion recipe. The preservative that I am using is affecting the smell of my final product. I am using 1.5% of Optiphen Plus in my recipe. This is like my third batch of body lotion and it is happening that. Should I use Optiphen instead of Optiphen Plus? Am...