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  1. Shannon Dillman

    I tried felting today!

    I think you will find that roving is the same as bats... bats are just sheets of felting wool and rovings are long tube things but they all wrap the same. well done, they look beautiful. I love felting soap.
  2. Shannon Dillman

    Fleece scouring soap

    I have been working with sheep fleece too. I think the term for working with fresh cut fleece is ‘in the grease’. ? I tried washing one ONCE then I found this method. The greasier the better. I was very excited with the results. It creates its own ‘soap’ through fermentation...
  3. Shannon Dillman

    Hello pine tar

    Hi everyone: my name is Shannon, I haven’t posted many times but my goal is to try. I get a little nervous. However I really need to say how much I appreciate your knowledge and encouragement. I made my first pine tar soap and was so confused with all the different methods on the net. Then I...
  4. Shannon Dillman

    Lemongrass EO

    Hi this is my first post here I make a lemongrass soap, I had notable trouble with my 2 last batches so looked back at my notes from my previous 4-5 batches. Each batch had notes like seized, saved fail (ricing), it appears that each batch I made had acceleration issues. I guess my inexperience...