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  1. Yaroslav Fadeev

    What did you eat today?

    Oh, yeah in Poland it's pierogi) But in Ukraine we call them Varenyky. With potatoes also very yummy 🤤 My family and I are safe, thank you 🙃
  2. Yaroslav Fadeev

    What did you eat today?

    Vareniks with cherries
  3. Yaroslav Fadeev

    Wedding Song Suggestions

    I think this song would be perfect
  4. Yaroslav Fadeev

    So I've just discovered bookmarking posts.

    Before this post, I didn't notice it either :D
  5. Yaroslav Fadeev

    Kittens! 😻

    Oh, it's a pretty old foto. He is 3 years old now :)
  6. Yaroslav Fadeev

    Kittens! 😻

    Can I join this spam? Here is my little rozbiynyk :)
  7. Yaroslav Fadeev

    Kittens! 😻

  8. Yaroslav Fadeev

    A Cream Soap Tutorial

    Thanks for the recipe. Will try it later :thumbs: