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  1. styarr

    Lard V no Lard

    Once you go lard you never go back lol, it's in my main recipe now and it's so creamy and moisturizing. I love it.
  2. styarr

    Now I Remember Why I Masterbatched

    I always end up putting my lye container in a water bath in the sink to cool it, works pretty well!
  3. styarr

    silicone molds from wish?

    I have ordered a ton of silicone molds, loaf molds and silly shaped molds as well as fondant mats. They are all great! You just have to be patient for them to arrive. I've found half come within the time frame given and the other half come a week or two after.
  4. styarr

    New to using lard

    second this! some soap just takes longer, I usually leave my lard soaps for 2 days before unmolding (I do use a higher % of lard but you used more water then I normally do)
  5. styarr

    Some soaps

    thanks :)
  6. styarr

    Some soaps

    I've been forgetting to share pictures here! These are all from the last few months Spa Salt bar with charcoal and orange essential oil, 100% CO with 20% SF In the pot swirl scented with Candy Crush from Candora Another in the pot swirl, I love the neon pink! Scented with black...
  7. styarr

    What is your favorite recipe for swirling techniques?

    oh wow that's expensive! I think I paid $7 CAD for a litre, I buy from New Directions, they have a minimum of $100 but it's not hard to spend it there!
  8. styarr

    What is your favorite recipe for swirling techniques?

    Avacado is really nice! I don't find it that expensive either, around the same as olive, at least from soaping companies
  9. styarr

    What is your favorite recipe for swirling techniques?

    Most liquid oils would work, olive or soybean would be what I usually swap with.
  10. styarr

    What is your favorite recipe for swirling techniques?

    My go to for swirling is: 50% Lard 25% Canola 15% coconut 5% shea 5% castor Lye concentration at 30% in soapcalc and soap around 110. Stick blend until emulsion.
  11. styarr

    Soap for sensitive skin

    Take a look at Her chart is really good for seeing profiles of oils Oils such as Almond, Avacado, Lard, shea butter and Olive oil are all nice for dry, sensitive skin IME.
  12. styarr

    Canadian supplies and sales

    I'd also love to know about any groups!
  13. styarr

    Lotion and Lip Balm basics/suggestions

    I didn't but I will next time!
  14. styarr

    Lotion and Lip Balm basics/suggestions

    I made lotion! I used swiftcraftymonkey's basic lotion and instructions (thanks for that link!), used canola and shea, just a simple and small recipe to try it out! Still waiting on lip balm supplies to arrive and some other oils to try in lotions. Thanks everyone! (ignore my messy counter and...
  15. styarr

    Lotion and Lip Balm basics/suggestions

    thanks everyone! lots of reading too do! Canadian is a plus!
  16. styarr

    Lotion and Lip Balm basics/suggestions

    thanks :) I'm really excited to play with recipes and donate some lip balms!
  17. styarr

    Lotion and Lip Balm basics/suggestions

    Hi friends! Does anyone have any good resources for lotion and lip balm recipe formulations? I'm going to try my hand at lotion for the first time in attempt to make something for my mom for her birthday in a few months. Also lip balms, as I plan to make a whole bunch and donate them, I just...
  18. styarr

    What is considered a "good" stick blender?

    I have a cheap plastic stick blender from walmart. It works fine and was around $10. I haven't used anything else (though I just bought a cuinsinart that was super discounted as a backup- haven't used it yet). Mine doesn't have a detachable bell, however cleaning is easy. I run water as hot as...
  19. styarr

    Organic vs. non-organic oils?

    Organic farmers do use pesticides, often ones that are just as toxic as synthetic pesticides, and their products do have residue. A study was done here in Canada that showed 50% of organic produce in supermarkets had pesticide residue. I'd also like to point out that if the product was produced...