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    Updated Pricing, New Features and Products

    Hi there Soap Making Forum friends. As many of you are probably already aware, economic conditions in the US and Worldwide continue to outpace expectations. That, combined with an already tight market for freight and logistics has driven up the cost of raw materials here and abroad. According...
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    Lye and Caustic Potash Supplies

    Hi there - I wish we could! You're about the sixth person to ask us to ship to Canada in the past seven days. ;). We just have not yet set up this division of our business to ship hazmat internationally. Thanks for your inquiry and if there's anything we can do, just reach out!
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    Lye and Caustic Potash Supplies

    Hi Talia - thank you for asking. I wish we could but the cost of shipping hazmat over seas would be cost prohibitive. That said we do have operations in Europe. Where are you located? Maybe I could reach out to someone on the international team and they might be able to help?
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    Personal Blogging

    Another option - if you're just looking for a cloud based storage system for your notes is Evernote? It has rich text editing - tables, graphics, drawings, etc. Also - almost any of the google apps would work, especially when combined with Google Drive. I think they even have some simple...
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    Lye and Caustic Potash Supplies

    Hi soapmakingforum Friends! Apologies if this is a duplicate - our original post may have been deleted. We are delighted to be a new supporting vendor for the soapmaking forum. We are currently running a special on Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) and Caustic Potash (Potassium Hydroxide). You can...